Creighton Wood, Swinton

Lychgate, Swinton

Creighton Wood, Swinton

In 1948, Swinton Council purchased 22 acres of woodland stretching from Warren Vale Road to Piccadilly Road from Earl Fitzwilliam. This wood contains oaks and beeches planted late in the 18th Century. The wood was made in honour of the Creighton family due to their public service to Swinton and long association with the wood – the Creighton family were head gardeners living in the wood. A lychgate was erected in the 1940s and was gifted by Miss E.K.L. Harrop in memory of the men who served in the wars.

Creighton Wood was originally formed by the creation of a number of different plantations, the names of which have now fallen into disuse, but included, Chain Bar Plantation, Long Plantation, Piccadilly Wood, Stake Hole Plantation and Swinton Nursery.

One Response to “Creighton Wood, Swinton”

  1. Anne Bowes Says:

    Creighton Wood. I have a photograph (somewhere in the archives!) of the official opening – I would have been about 3 years’ old and presented s lady celebrity with flowers and gave a small speech. I can only assume that as my grandfather was Chairman of Swinton Council/Councillor that this was the connection to me being chosen to walk upon the platform with the bunch of flowers much larger than I was!.

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