New England Quarry, Mexborough

New England Quarry, Mexborough - 30.05.10 (9)

New England Quarry, Mexborough

Approximately one mile north-west of Mexborough Train Station lies the remains of what was called, New England Quarry. This was a sandstone quarry and after studying maps of the area, I can make the assertion that the quarry was in operation in 1855 and was still in operation in 1893 but had fallen into disuse by 1903.

After visiting this location in May 2010, I believed I’d stumbled across the remains of High Wood Farm. I thought that the large indentation in the ground was perhaps where the foundations of the farm had been.

New England Quarry is situated on what is now described only as a bridleway. However, on early maps, this bridleway is called Quarry Lane which links what is now the Highwoods housing estate (built sometime in the mid 20th century) and Crow Tree Lane in Adwick upon Dearne. A small network of overgrown, presumably unused, lanes/dirt paths is present near the disused quarry. This little network would presumably have facilitated access to the fields by the owners of High Woods Farm.

Quarry Lane, Adwick - 26.05.12 (1)

Quarry Lane, Adwick

The Bridleway/Quarry Lane would no doubt have provided access to the quarry for the workers.

There were actually two quarries in very close proximity to each other. One was a large quarry and one smaller and with no name on any of the maps that I’ve looked at. I am presuming that the location that I found was New England Quarry although it is possible that I located the smaller, unnamed quarry.

The sandstone excavated from the quarry would no doubt have been used in the construction of local buildings, perhaps most probably in Adwick upon Dearne.

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