Marriage of Miss S. Lee


Saint Mary’s Church

Shirley Veronica Lee, born in 1932 in the Rotherham area, is my second cousin, once removed and great-granddaughter of Albert Rowbottom and Charlotte Yates.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Shirley’s marriage to Harry Deeley.



The marriage took place at the Rawmarsh Parish Church last Saturday of Miss Shirley Veronica Lee, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee, of Central House, Wannop Street, Parkgate, and Mr. Harry Deeley, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Deeley of 28, Ingshead Avenue, Rawmarsh.

Holly Bush Street, Parkgate - 25.06.11

The ‘Alex’, Parkgate

The Rev. C. Richardson officiated and Mr. Stocks was the organist. Given away by her father the bride wore a full-length gown of white nylon lace with an orange blossom head-dress and a shoulder-length veil. She carried a bouquet of mixed roses. The bridesmaids were Misses M. and P. Lee (bride’s sisters), who wore ankle-length gowns of lemon flocked organza, with sprays of pink carnations and Miss L. Lee (bride’s sister) and Miss J. Haslam (bridegroom’s cousin), who wore full-length dresses of lemon nylon and carried posies of sweet peas and roses. The bride’s mother wore a sage green coat and a small feathered hat and beige accessories. The bridegroom’s mother chose a grey figured dress with a blue hat and beige accessories. The best man was Mr. G. Deeley (bridegroom’s brother) and the groomsman was Mr. J. Wagstaff (bridegroom’s brother-in-law).

A reception was held at the Alexandra Hotel, Parkgate, where 80 guests were entertained. The honeymoon is at Torquay, the bride travelling in a red suite with cream accessories. The couple’s future address will be 186, Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham.

The Rowbottom Family


Sheffield Cathedral

I have so far traced the Rowbottom family in my pedigree back to Thomas who was born circa 1789 in Sheffield and married Ann Swindin in 1815 in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Sheffield (now Sheffield Cathedral).

Thomas and Ann, to my knowledge, issued four children; the descendants of which I have researched extensively over the past fourteen years. One of their children was called, George Rowbottom, who was born in 1818 in Sheffield.


Daisy Walk

George married Elizabeth Vickers in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Sheffield in 1839. George and Elizabeth issued two sons, one of them being Albert Rowbottom, who was born in 1842, in Daisy Walk, Sheffield.

In 1864, in Christ Church, Pitsmoor, Sheffield, Albert married Charlotte Yates. Albert and Charlotte issued nine children, called, George Henry (1866 to 1944), Albert (1869 to 1917), Tom (1871 to 1936), Fred (1873 to 1918), David (1875 to 1935), Lily (1877 to 1966), Clara (1879 to 1964), Rose Valentine (1881 to 1955) and Mary Elizabeth (born in 1882).


Christ Church, Pitsmoor

George Rowbottom and his wife, Elizabeth, along with their son, Albert and daughter-in-law, Charlotte, moved to Parkgate, near Rotherham, in the 1860s; I suspect when the Parkgate Iron and Steel company was founded. For the next 100 years, the streets around Rawmarsh Hill in Parkgate were populated by many descendants of George and Elizabeth, particularly on Goosebutt Street and Netherfield Lane. In fact, some of their descendants still live in the area today.

George and Albert were both File Cutters by occupation, which I believe involved cutting teeth into files. Albert actually went blind in later life as a consequence of his occupation, presumably, no protection was worn to prevent fragments of metal flying into his eyes.


Rawmarsh Hill

My mother remembered her parents always shopping in Parkgate on Saturdays and didn’t understand why until she realised that many of her father’s aunts, uncles and other relations still lived in Parkgate.

George died in 1879 in Holly Bush Street, Parkgate.


ROWBOTTOM. – April 12, at Rawmarsh, Mr. George Rowbottom, aged 60.


Holly Bush Street

George’s wife, Elizabeth died in 1886 on Rawmarsh Hill.


ROWBOTTOM. – October 5th, at Rawmarsh hill, Elizabeth, widow of George Rowbottom, aged 67.

Albert died in 1909 in Goosebutt Street, Parkgate and his wife Charlotte died in the Almshouses on Dale Road, Rawmarsh in 1919.


Rawmarsh High Street Cemetery

George, Elizabeth, Albert and Charlotte are all buried in the High Street Cemetery in Rawmarsh, Rotherham.

It is of interest to note that the names ‘Rowbottom’ and ‘Rowbotham are interchangeable and are essentially one and the same. Other variations include Robottham, Robottom, Roebottom and Rewbottom. It is thought to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and is either a topographical name from a residence in an overgrown valley or a locational name from some lost, minor or unrecorded place believed to have been situated in the Staffordshire/Lancashire regions. Another theory is that Rowbottom is an English occupational last name of old Scottish origins. One thing I know for sure is that my grandfather didn’t stand for any of the crude variations of the name!

Tom Rowbottom


New Street

Tom Rowbottom, born in 1871 in Parkgate, Rotherham, is my great grand uncle and son of Albert Rowbottom and Charlotte Yates.

Circa 1895, Tom married Elizabeth. Together, they issued four children, called, George Albert (1897 to 1976), Clarice Edna (1900 to 1903), Edith (1902 to 1992) and Florence Elizabeth (1905 to 1980). I have so far been unable to find a marriage record for Tom and Elizabeth.

Tom and Elizabeth moved from Parkgate to Greasbrough, sometime between 1902 and 1905, settling on New Street where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Doncaster Gate Hospital, Rotherham - 19.08.07 (4)

Rotherham Hospital

Below are obituaries for Tom and Elizabeth. Although the obituary below states that Tom died at home, according to his death certificate, he died in Rotherham Hospital. It is also worth noting that according to his birth entry, Tom wasn’t named Thomas.


THE LATE MR. T. ROWBOTTOM. – The death of Mr. Thomas Rowbottom, of 13, New Street, occurred at his home on Wednesday. Mr. Rowbottom, who was 65 years of age, was a cabinet-maker by trade. He leaves a widow, one son and two daughters. The interment will take place on Monday in the Greasbro’ Cemetery.


Church Street Methodist Church


Mrs. Rowbottom and family wish to thank all relatives, neighbours and friends, for kindness and sympathy extended and floral tributes received during their sad bereavement. They also thank the staff and nurses of the Rotherham General Hospital.

THE LATE MR. T. ROWBOTTOM. – The funeral took place in the Greasbro’ Cemetery on Monday of Mr. Thomas Rowbottom, of 13, New Street, Greasbro,’ whose death was reported in our last issue. The Rev. F. W. Doar, of Rotherham, officiated at the interment and the mourners included Mrs. Rowbottom (widow), Mr. G. A. Rowbottom (son), the Misses E. and F. E. Rowbottom (daughters), Mr. G. H. Rowbottom (brother), Mr. and Mrs. Hughes (brother-in-law and sister), Mrs. Scholes (sister), Mrs. A. Rowbottom, Mrs. F. Rowbottom and Mrs. D. Rowbottom (sisters-in-law), Mrs. Bell (cousin), Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Dowson, Mrs. M. Hughes and Miss Scholes (nieces), Mr. R. Barker, Mrs. Pearson and Miss Wilson. Mrs. Trueman, Mrs. Mason, and Mr. Taylor represented the Church Street Methodist Church. Floral tributes were sent by the widow and family, “From Clifton Bank,” Mrs. Hughes and family, Mrs. Scholes, Mrs. Bell, Miss Wilson, Mr. R. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, and other friends.


Greasbrough Cemetery



At the age of 75 Mrs. Rowbottom, widow of Mr. Thomas Rowbottom, died at her home, New Street, Greasbro’, on Sunday, leaving a son and two daughters.

The interment was in the Greasbro’ Cemetery on Thursday, the Rev. Walter Budd officiating.

The mourners included Mr. G. A. Rowbottom (son); Miss F. E. Rowbottom (daughter); Mr. and Mrs. Barker (son-in-law and daughter); Miss L. Rowbottom, Mrs. R. S. Hughes, Mrs. A. Rowbottom, and Mrs. D. Rowbottom (sisters-in-law), Mrs. A. Lee, Mrs. R. Hughes, and Miss W. Scholes (nieces); Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Elmore, and Miss E. Lambert.