Marriage of Miss E. Parkin

Holy Trinity Church, Thorpe Hesley

Holy Trinity Church, Thorpe Hesley

Jack Rowbottom, born in 1931 in the Rotherham area, is my first cousin, once removed and son of John Rowbottom and Amy Smith. Jack passed away in 2008.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Jack’s marriage to Emily Parkin.


MARRIAGE OF MISS E. PARKIN. – The marriage took place at the Thorpe Hesley Parish Church last Saturday of Miss Emily Parkin, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Parkin, 9, Elder Tree Road, Thorpe Hesley, and Mr. Jack Rowbottom, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Rowbottom, 37, Elder Tree Road, Thorpe Hesley. The Rev. C. Diggins (Vicar) officiated. The bride, given away by her father, wore a gown of embroidered net over taffeta with an orange blossom head-dress and a full-length veil, and carried a bouquet of deep pink tea roses. The bridesmaids were Misses Mary, Florence, Christine and Joan Parkin (bride’s sisters) and Rita Rowbottom (bridegroom’s sister). The two first named wore lemon embroidered net over taffeta; Christine and Rita were in lilac figured taffeta, and Joan wore white figured satin and a lilac sash. They all carried bouquets of pink carnations and had head-dresses to tone. The best man was Mr. A. Evans (bridegroom’s uncle), and the groomsmen were Messrs. Ken Parkin (bride’s brother), and Ralph Rowbottom (bridegroom’s brother).

Margaret Clare Hutchinson

Margaret Clare Hutchinson, born in 1930 in the Rotherham area, is my second cousin, once removed and daughter of Amy Yates Smith and Wilfred James Hutchinson.


HUTCHINSON. – On Thursday, 28th December, 1933, at 88, Browning Road, Amy Yates, the beloved wife of Wilfred James Hutchinson, in her 24th years.

The newspaper article below describes Margaret’s marriage to George Stanley Birch in Saint Thomas’s Church, Kimberworth. Although the article states that Margaret is the daughter of ‘Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hutchinson’, her biological mother died when she was three years of age.

Margaret’s mother, uncle and grandfather all died at relatively young ages.

Saint Thomas's Church, Kimberworth - 15.11.13 (4)

Saint Thomas’s Church



The marriage took place at Kimberworth Parish Church last Saturday of Miss Margaret Clare Hutchinson, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hutchinson, 68, Watson Road, Rotherham, and Mr. George Stanley Birch, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. F. S. Birch, 25, Magna Lane, Dalton. The Rev. G. Needham officiated.

The bride, given away by her father, wore a gown of white figured satin brocade, with full-length veil and orange blossom head-dress, and carried a bouquet of red roses, freesia and fern.

She was attended by Miss F. M. Evans in pink taffeta and head-dress to match, and carrying a bouquet of tulips, freesia and fern, and Miss J. Cousins (bridegroom’s cousin) in pale blue silk trimmed with white lace and carrying a basket of tulips and fern. A page boy was Master Leslie J. Hutchinson (bride’s brother).

The best man was Mr. W. G. Birch (bridegroom’s brother) and the groomsmen Mr. C. Barnes (bride’s uncle) and Mr. D. Atkinson.

Seth Strickland Smith


Netherfield Lane

Seth Strickland Smith is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Mary Elizabeth Rowbottom and James Robson Smith.

Despite being born prior to 1911, I have so far been unable to find Seth on the 1911 Census, when his parents were lodging in the home of Frederick Astell on Goosebutt Street, Parkgate, Rotherham.


Parkgate Iron & Steel Company

Seth’s estate was not probated until 1953.



The interment took place on Wednesday in the Haugh Road Cemetery, Cannon F. G. Scovell officiating, of Mr. Seth Strickland Smith, aged 39, who died on Sunday at the home of his aunt, Mrs. C. Scholes, 37, Netherfield Lane, Parkgate. A service was held in the Rawmarsh Parish Church. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, of Netherfield Lane, and worked many years for the Parkgate Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., until ill-health three years ago.


Haugh Road Cemetery

The mourners included: Miss L. Rowbottom, Mrs. E. Rowbottom, and Mrs. Hughes (aunts); Miss W. Scholes, Mrs. Shearon, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cunningham, Mrs. A. Lee, Mrs. F. Dowson, and Mrs. L. White (cousins); Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. M. Watkinson, Mrs. J. Cook, Mrs. E. Taylor, Mr. W. Banks and neighbours; Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham. Owing to illness Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scholes and Mrs. D. Rowbottom (uncles and aunts) were unable to be present.

Mary Elizabeth Rowbottom & James Robson Smith


Saint Mary’s Church

Mary Elizabeth Rowbottom, born in 1882 in Parkgate, Rotherham, is my great grand aunt and daughter of Albert Rowbottom and Charlotte Yates.

On Christmas Day, 1905, Mary married James Robson Smith in Saint Mary’s Church, Rawmarsh. Together, they issued two children, called, Seth (1907 to 1946) and Amy (1909 to 1933). Despite Seth and Amy being born prior to 1911, I’ve so far been unable to find them on the 1911 Census.


Netherfield Lane

Below are a couple of newspaper articles pertaining to James’s death and funeral. I have so far been unable to conclusively ascertain when Mary died, although it was sometime between 1924 and 1946.


DEATH OF MR. JAMES SMITH. – After a long illness, the death occurred on Wednesday of Mr. James Smith, of 97, Netherfield lane, Parkgate. For many years Mr. Smith had been employed at the Parkgate Works, and was much respected by his fellow-workmen. He was greatly interested in adult education, particularly the Workers’ Educational Association and in the Co-operative Guild. Thirty-eight years of age, he leaves a widow, a son and a daughter.


Parkgate Iron & Steel Company



Amid many manifestations of sympathy, the funeral took place on Sunday, at the Haugh road cemetery, of Mr. James Smith, of Netherfield lane, Parkgate. The service, which was very impressive, was conducted by Mr. J. Beck, of Parkgate.


Haugh Road Cemetery

The mourners were:- Mrs. Smith (widow), Mr. Seth Smith (son), Miss Amy Smith (daughter), Mr. and Mrs. John Smith (brother), Mr. R. Smith (nephew), Mr. G. H. Rowbottom (brother-in-law), Mr. T. Rowbottom (brother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. D. Rowbottom (brother-in-law), Mrs. A. Rowbottom and Mrs. F. Rowbottom (sisters-in-law), Mr. H. Scholes (brother-in-law), Miss Rowbottom (sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. T. Hughes (sister-in-law), Miss Ethel Rowbottom, Miss L. Rowbottom (nieces), Mr. L. Rowbottom, Mr. D. Rowbottom, Mr. J. Rowbottom, Mr. M. Rowbottom, Mr. G. A. Rowbottom, Mr. F. Rowbottom (nephews), Mr. and Mrs. G. White (nephew), Mr. Denham and Miss Purdy. Mr. G. Royston and Mr. G. W. Hopkinson represented the Homes and Hospital Committee at the Parkgate Works, and Mr. J. Jones the Sheffield District Committee of the A.E.U. The Rotherham District of A.E.U. were well represented as also was the Parkgate Class of the W.E.A., the Rotherham Branch of the W.E.A., the Parkgate Co-operative Guild, and the Rawmarsh and Parkgate Labour Party.

Smith – Rowbottom


Saint Mary’s Church

Frances Rowbottom is my great aunt and daughter of Fred Rowbottom and Frances Emily Brough.

Frances was born in 1909 in Parkgate, Rotherham and died at the age of 95 in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. As was customary at the time, Frances was sent away to work when she was a young lady, which is how she met her future husband, Willie Smith, in Halifax. Frances and Willie issued two children. Willie died in his mid 40s from a heart attack whilst at work. I only ever met Frances once, at my grandfather’s funeral, and I remember her being a really lovely genteel lady.

Below is a newspaper article published a few days after Frances and Willie married.


Rowbottom – Smith Wedding



In the Parish Church, Greasbro’ on Monday, Cannon S. T. G. Smith, of Sheffield, officiated at the wedding of Miss Frances E. Rowbottom, fourth daughter of Mrs. F. E. Rowbottom and the late Mr. F. Rowbottom, of 11, Oxford Row, Greasbro’, and Mr. W. Smith, third son of Mrs. H. Smith and the late Mr. J. Smith, of 10, Trafalgar Row, King Cross, Halifax.


Willie & Frances

The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. F. Rowbottom, was attended by four bridesmaids and two pages. Her gown was of white satin and lace and she wore a veil and coronet of orange blossom and a gold necklet and gold brooch.

The two senior maids, Misses C. Lister, of Sheffield, and A. Rowbottom, of Parkgate (cousins of the bride), wore blue dresses and hats. The junior maids, Miss D. White, of Parkgate (niece of the bride), and Miss M. Smith, of Halifax (niece of the bridegroom) wore pale blue silk dresses and coronets of flowers, and the pages were in white satin suits.

The organist was the bridegroom’s brother, Mr. A. Smith, and Mr. J. B. Smith (another brother) was the best man. The groomsman was Mr. H. Rowbottom (brother of the bride).


Frances, Lily & Ethel Rowbottom

A reception was held in the Welfare Hall, Greasbro’, where 50 guests were received by Mrs. F. E. Rowbottom, who wore a navy blue dress of marocain and lace with a grey hat trimmed with navy blue. The bridegroom’s mother wore a georgette dress of navy blue with hat to tone. Music was supplied by Messrs. J. B. and A. Smith and H. Rowbottom.

SMITH – ROWBOTTOM. – At the Greasbro’ Parish Church on Monday by Canon S. T. G. Smith (Vicar of Attercliffe), Willie Smith, of Halifax, to Frances Emily Rowbottom, of Greasbro’.