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Robert Craig

Swinton’s streets have been walked by an incalculable number of people, most of whom are no longer living but each with many and often whole lifetimes of experiences of Swinton. The aim of this book is to record the memories of Swinton in yesteryear by people still alive today, for the benefit of current and future generations of Swintonians.

I established the ‘Swinton Record’ project in 2008. The goal was to record all names on headstones standing in Saint Margaret’s Churchyard. Within a year, I was looking into the lives behind the names. Before long, I realised that I was researching all of Swinton’s past population. Each person in the Churchyard had a personal story to tell but often lost forever when they died.

The inspiration behind this book was, ‘Memories – Recollections of Rawmarsh people’ that was produced by the Rawmarsh Manor Farm History Group, in 2004, which I read in 2008. I announced the ‘Swinton Voices’ project in January of this year. Rather than publishing a hard copy of ‘Swinton Voices’ and incurring printing costs etc. which might not be recouped, I decided to produce a publication that would be easily accessible to people, regardless of location, free of charge.

I wholeheartedly thank each and every author for submitting an account for the inclusion of this edition; without them, it simply wouldn’t have been possible. I hope that their stories are well read, around the globe, for years to come.

It is desired that this first edition will prove to be an inspiration and catalyst for additional submissions. Accounts of memories as recent as last year would be welcome; what might be deemed as being contemporary now will be considered as being old in years to come. So if you’ve enjoyed reading this book, please submit your own account for inclusion in future editions.

The book is currently only available in PDF format. EPUB and Kindle versions may be available in the future when I have mastered how to render the book correctly in each format.

Download the ‘Swinton Voices’ 2017 edition by clicking here.

Robert Craig, Swinton, Tuesday 12th December 2017

Civilised Behaviour In Swinton

Cliffefield Road, Swinton - 09.07.13

Cliffefield Road, Swinton



The Swinton Victoria Club cat was found dead on Sunday in Cliffe Field Road. It’s legs had been tied together, it had been soaked in paraffin, and it had been burnt alive!

Swinton Boys In Trouble



Six boys, aged from 9 to 13 years, whose homes are at Swinton, were each bound over (through their parents) for 12 months at the Rotherham West Riding Children’s Court to-day. They had visited Parkgate and stolen several belts from the inside of a shop door. Five of them were also concerned in the theft of silk handkerchiefs value 10s. 6d., under similar circumstances.

In the latter instance, while riding towards Swinton in a tramcar, one of the handkerchiefs was offered for sale to a passenger, who was a pawnbroker’s assistant. He collected all the property, but was unable to persuade the lads to accompany him for inquiry.

According to Inspector Hoyle two of the defendants were worse than the others. A party had visited the Parkgate district on other occasions, and a box of cigarettes and a Treasury note for 10s. were alleged to have been taken. The Bench admonished the parents as to the care of their children, and ordered them to pay 5s. each towards the costs. The probation officer was directed to give attention to the boys.