Mary Ellen Pridmore & George William Birkett


173 Fitzwilliam Road

Mary Ellen Pridmore, born in 1874 in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, is my first cousin, thrice removed and in 1894, in Nottingham, she married George William Birkett.

The Pridmore family is a very large branch of my tree. But Mary is one of only a few to move to Rotherham, moving there sometime between 1901 and 1911. Mary’s first cousin, Alice Pinder (nee Cunnington), had lived in Rotherham since around 1897, so Mary perhaps moved on Alice’s recommendation. The two cousins both lived in the Eastwood district of Rotherham and their children, who were of similar ages, no doubt went to the same schools.


Fitzwilliam Road

Mary’s son, Arthur Leslie Birkett, had a dairy/milk-round business located in the Eastwood area on Fitzwilliam Road. Arthur married but issued no children. Both Mary and Arthur died in Scarborough, Mary in 1972 and Arthur in 1975, but both were buried in Rotherham’s Masbrough Cemetery, probably with George William, whose obituary can be read below.


BIRKETT. – On Tuesday, September 19th, 1933, at 173, Fitzwilliam Road, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ellen Birkett. Aged 65 years.


Rotherham Corporation tram

Mrs. Birkett, son, and relatives, wish to thank the staff and employees of the Rotherham Corporation Transport Department and friends for their sympathy and floral tributes. Also Doctors Coldrey, Pym, and Nurse Wragg and Mrs. Gee for their care and attention.



The death occurred on Tuesday of Mr. George W. Birkett, of Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham. For over 30 years deceased was a tram-car driver employed by the Rotherham Corporation.

Mr. Birkett, who retired in March, 1932, at the age of 65, was greatly respected by all his fellow employees of the Transport Department. He was one of the oldest members of the Rotherham Branch of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, having joined on the formation of the Branch.

Masbrough Cemetery - 03.06.09 (18)

Masbrough Cemetery

In March last year members of the Branch presented him with an easy chair and a pair of house slippers. He came to Rotherham from Blackburn, Lancs.

Mr. Birkett was specially engaged to drive on the Kimberworth route as the steep gradients required an experienced driver.

Throughout his long service he was never involved in an accident of a serious nature and he qualified for the Safety First Association medal for five years’ driving without accidents.

The funeral took place in the Masbro’ Cemetery yesterday.

The Transport Department was represented by Mr. T. P. Sykes (General Manager), Mr. J. Lawson (Traffic Superintendent), and Inspectors H. Johnson, E. Bridges, T. Grundy, W. Race, and G. Ward, together with about 40 drivers and conductors.

The Transport and General Workers’ Union was represented by the local officials.

Among the floral tributes was a wreath from the staff and employees of the Transport Department.

Pridmore Family

Pridmore Family

There is some dispute as to whether or not John Pridmore (born about 1754 in Gunby, Lincolnshire) is actually the child of Augustine Pridmore (born about 1728 in Rutland) and Ann Mason (born about 1740). There is a christening for a John Pridmore on 07/08/1758 to an Augustine Pridmore and Ann Mason. However, there is also an adult christening for a John Pridmore on 13/03/1779. The former date would almost certainly prove the link to Augustine Pridmore and Ann Mason for John Pridmore (born about 1754) whilst the latter date would indicate that John Pridmore was christened as an adult at the same time as his son (Samuel) and therefore cast doubt on his relationship to Augustine Pridmore.

To add further confusion, there is also some dispute over whether or not the above John Pridmore (born about 1754) issued a child called John Pridmore (born about 1779). It is known that a John Pridmore married a Sarah Emerson (born about 1774 in Bourne, Lincolnshire) in 1804 and together issued a child called Thomas Emerson Pridmore. Thomas Emerson Pridmore was born in 1804 in Bourne and died in 1885 in Bethnal Green, London.

Although I believe that the relationship to the above Augustine may be suspect and also difficult to prove, I am almost 100% certain that there is a connection between John Pridmore (born about 1754) and John Pridmore (born about 1779), even if the relationship as described above is not exactly true. This is because on the 1851 Census, there is a Henry Banks Pridmore (born 1845 in Bourne, son of the above Thomas Emerson Pridmore) living in London with William Beeston Pridmore. William Beeston Pridmore was born circa 1817 in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire and is the son of William Pridmore (born about 1790 in Bourne) who is on record as being the brother of the above John Pridmore (born about 1779). If Henry Banks Pridmore and William Beeston Pridmore are living together then there must almost certainly be a connection between John Pridmore (born about 1754) and John Pridmore (born about 1779) as it is known that the above William Pridmore (born about 1790) is the son of John Pridmore (born about 1754).

This is a very complicated puzzle and will need somebody with a deep understanding of the Pridmore family to crack it. Please contact me if you’re able to offer any supporting or conflicting data so as to prove or disprove the above relationships.

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