Braithwell Wedding


Daisy & Bert

George Herbert Mollekin, is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Herbert Mollekin. Bert marred twice, firstly to Mary Allison who died suddenly in 1952 and secondly, to Daisy’s friend, Dulcie Wild, in 1953.

Bert issued one child with Daisy, called, Herbert Randal Mollekin who sadly died in World War Two.

Below is a newspaper article pertaining to Bert’s first marriage.


MOLLEKIN – ALLISON. – At St. James’ Church, Braithwell, on Sept. 19 (by the Rev. W. Seed, assisted by Rev. Greenwood, Maltby), George Herbert (Bert), eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. Mollekin, The Grange, Maltby, to Mary Priscilla (Daisy), only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. H. Allison, Butchers’ Arms, Braithwell.




A very interesting wedding took place at Braithwell on Tuesday week, when Miss Mary Priscilla (“Daisy”) Allison, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allison, of the Butchers’ Arms, Braithwell, was married to Mr. Bert Mollekin, son of Mr. Herbert Mollekin, builder and contractor, Maltby. The Rev. W. Seed officiated at the ceremony, assisted by the Rev. H. Greenwood. The bride wore a white satin embroidered dress with pearls, a veil, and carried a sheaf of lilies and carnations. The bride’s mother was attired in black charmeuse and the bridegroom’s mother wore a dress of mauve satin. A reception was held at the Butchers’ Arms, Braithwell, Appended is a list of the presents:- Bride to bridegroom, ebony-fitter leather suit case; bridegroom to bride, skunk furs; Mrs. Allison, household linen; Mrs. A. Allison, duchess set; Mr. A. Allison, clothes horse; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allison, silver cheese dish; Mr. Harold Allison, towels; Mrs. Hartley, linen bedspread; Miss Purvis, tea cosy; Mr. Mollekin, household furniture; Mrs. Mollekin, piano; Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollekin, sugar scuttle; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mollekin, old gold shenelle table cover; Misses Mabel, Dolly, Ivy and Sybil, cosy chair; Miss Mary Mollekin, silver photo frame; Mr. and Mrs. Asquith, oak clock; Mr. and Mrs. Crompton, oak clock; Mr. and Mrs. W. Pearson, keyless clock and marmalade jar; Masters Fred, Claud and Jack Mollekin, pair of pictures; Mr. and Mrs. Milner, fruit servers; Mr. and Mrs. L. Hibbard, case of silver tea knives; Mr., Mrs. and Misses Gelsthorpe, fish eaters; Miss E. Greenwood, handkerchief case; Mrs. F. Dunstan, bread basket and d’Oyley; Mr. and Mrs. Smith, quilt; Mr. and Mrs. Kohler, salad servers; Master and Miss Barney, sideboard cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dunstan, cooking utensils; Mrs. Betts, case of silver teaspoons and tongues; Mr. and Mrs. Davy, oak tray; Miss Houghton, mincer and tea infuser; Master Harold Crowcroft, glass salad carvers; Mr. Nash, half-dozen dessert spoons and two tablespoons; Mr. McGlade, oak and silver salad bowl; Mr. A. Wray, set of Wedgewood and silver biscuit barrel and preserve jar; Rev. and Mrs. Seed, silver vase and sugar sifter; Mr. and Mrs. H. Crowcroft, vinegar bottle in silver stand; Miss Howard, silver fruit dish; Mrs. P. Woyman, teapot; Mrs. W. Marshall, ash trays; Mrs. Hornsey, half-dozen stainless knives; Mr. and Mrs. Foers, biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. Hopkinson, crown Derby bowl; Mr. and Mrs. P. Neal, silver cake stand; Mr. and Mrs. Wray, pair of glass dishes; Miss Fielding, chair backs and table runner; Mrs. Allen, glass flower basket d’Oyley; Mr. Gilbert Place, jam dish; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Booth, cheese and biscuit server; Mr. R. Butler, pair of silver vases; Mr. and Mrs. Dobson, silver fruit dish; Mrs. Cawood, d’Oyleys, table centre and dish cloths; Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood, table cloth; Mrs. Howard, silver and mauve jam dish; Mr. and Mrs. Appleyard, pair of silver candlesticks; Mrs. Markham, celery glass and kitchen utensils; Masters J. and G. Davy, silver coffee strainer; Miss Sally Turner, three pictures; Miss Hardcastle, pair of pictures; Mr. Hastings, easy chairs; Miss Leonard, kitchen utensils; Mr. and Mrs. Smith, grandfather’s clock; Councillor and Mrs. Dunn, barometer; Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom, epergne; Miss F. Sanderson, cheese dish; Mr. G. Turner, tea set; Mr. R. P. Dunn and S. Fletcher, salad bowl; Miss May Howes, epergne; Mr. Stanley Mollekin, chamber service; Mr. and Mrs. Sykes, barometer; Mrs. Palmer and family, case cutlery; Miss F. and Mr. L. Colbeck, silver and glass cake basket; Miss Drew, oak server, Miss L. A. Bailey, ebony and silver crumb and bread tray; Mr. and Mrs. Roe, picture and pair of ornaments; Mrs. C. Marshall, blue salts; Mr. and Mrs. Purvis, duchess set; Mr. H. Brooke, cruet; Mr. R. A. Houghton, egg boiler; Mr. and Mrs. Adams, table cloth; Mrs. Harrison, cushion cover; Mrs. Parkes, bread board and knife; Mrs. Bailey, glass butter plate; Mrs. J. Brookes, tray cloth; Mrs. Brewster, crockery ware; Mr. and Mrs. Crowder, eider down.