Crucifying Tax

George Jarvis - 70 Effingham Street, Rotherham - 1969

George Jarvis at 70 Effingham Street

George Jarvis, born in 1888 in Rotherham, is my second cousin, twice removed and son of Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland and Frank Jarvis. In 1910, he married Gertrude Padley, in Rotherham.

Below is a newspaper article pertaining to the closure of his business due to pressures from a change in taxation laws. The S.E.T. was eventually replaced by V.A.T.


‘Crucifying Tax’ leads to closure of another shop

The “crucifying” burden of S.E.T. has led to the decision to close another old-established Rotherham business – the town centre tobacco and confectionery shop of Mr. George Jarvis.

George Jarvis (advert) - 1930

George Jarvis (advert) – 1930

Just a fortnight ago, “The Advertiser” revealed that increased delivery costs and Selective Employment Tax had forced one of the town’s oldest family grocery shops (Beaumont and Stevenson, at Wellgate) out of business.

Now, Mr. Jarvis, who is to close his Effingham Street shop on May 31st, or when present stocks run out, says his retirement is not something which he has sought.

Effingham Street, Rotherham - 25.07.15

George’s Effingham Street shop would have been along this row of shops (now demolished and replaced)

“Crucifying S.E.T. was the major cause of the decision to close down, he said.

It’s difficult

“The present Government have made things more and more difficult for the small shopkeeper, and I just can’t see small shops surviving in this particular trade,” he said.

Mr. Jarvis, whose business has also included wholesaling, added: “We in this trade have been working for a microscopic margin of profit, and now with the present legislation, plus cut price trading, the position is becoming impossible.”

Rotherham Steel Strip Classic Blade - George Jarvis - 1937

Rotherham Steel Strip Classic Blade – 1937

One of Mr. Jarvis’ biggest regrets is that present retailing trends will bring an end to the personal service aspect of shopping of which he has been a champion for nearly half-a-century.

Mr. Jarvis owned two shops in Rotherham for more than 40 years, after first setting up his own business in 1919. His shop at Doncaster Gate was recently sold, and now his Effingham Street shop, which he has owned for 48 years, is to close.

Tusmore Street, Rotherham - 1966

Tusmore Street – 1966

Although he is still very active, Mr. Jarvis also feels that his health is not sufficiently good to maintain the pressure he requires of himself to stay in business, although he has no particular plans for filling his leisure hours.

Born at Tusmore Street, Rotherham, he moved into retailing after some time in the tailoring trade. Over the years, he developed a keen interest in horse racing, and has owned horses for several years, with 18 winners since 1954.

He now owns only one horse, Linton Spring, trained at Wetherby.

His biggest ever success was in 1955, when his Dalstar won £1,323 at Haydock in the John Buggins Nursery.

George Jarvis & Gertrude Padley

George Jarvis - 70 Effingham Street, Rotherham - 1969

George Jarvis at 70 Effingham Street

George Jarvis, born in 1888 in Rotherham, is my second cousin, twice removed and son of Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland and Frank Jarvis. In 1910, he married Gertrude Padley, in Rotherham.

George was a well known Rotherham businessman with two Newsagent shops, at 70 Effingham Street and 2 Doncaster Gate.

Despite being a well known Rotherham man and living to the age of 97, George only received a very brief obituary in the Rotherham Advertiser. I have therefore included his wife’s obituary in this entry as it reveals more information; some of the attendees being well known Rotherham people.



2 Doncaster Gate

JARVIS. – George, aged 97, died peacefully on January 30, 1986, in Badsley Moor Lane Hospital. Cremation took place on February 4, 1986. The family of Mr Jarvis wish to thank all the staff of the hospital for their many kindnesses to him during his stay there.


Death of Mrs. G. Jarvis

Mrs. Gertrude Jarvis, wife of Mr. George Jarvis, the well known Rotherham businessman, died at her home at 74, Wickersley Road, Rotherham, yesterday week.

Mrs. Jarvis was born at Herringthorpe Farm and had lived in the Rotherham area all her life.


Badsley Moor Lane Hospital

Married in 1910, she had lived with her husband at Wickersley Road for the past 35 years.

Cremation took place at Rotherham on Tuesday, following a service conducted by the Rev. S. Barker at St. Cuthbert’s Church, Herringthorpe, where Mrs. Jarvis worshipped.

The family mourners were Mr. George Jarvis (widower), Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarvis (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. D. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. E. Barron, Mr. and Mrs. D. Milnes, Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs. M. Toombe and Madge (nephews and nieces).

East Herringthorpe Cemetery, Rotherham - 29.12.15

Rotherham Crematorium

Other mourners were Mr. and Mrs. A. Noble, Mr. and Mrs. K. Empson, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bird, Mrs. C. Birkett, Mrs. H. Gray, Mr. G. Spearing, Mr. E. Spearing, Mrs. N. Hamilton, Mrs. J. Cliff, Mr. E. Holmes, Mrs. E. Schonhut, Mrs. B. Kendall, Mrs. E. Vere, Mr. R. Bellis, Mr. E. Purshouse, Mrs. C. Hartley, Mr. G. Lewery, Miss J. Bailey, Miss K. Douglas, Miss C. Waitling, Mrs. M. Barlow, Mr. S. Hemley, Miss A. Jackaman, Mr. J. Newbould (friends) and others.