Halliday Crompton

Halliday Crompton

Halliday Crompton, born in 1889 in Bury, is the husband of my first cousin, twice removed, Bertha Lily Mollekin.

It is interesting to note that Halliday is a distant relation of the authoress, Richmal Crompton, who authored the ‘Just William’ books.


The death took place suddenly in Bury Infirmary on Thursday of Mr. Halliday Crompton, of 102, Walmersley-road. He was 58 years of age.

Mr. Crompton, who was the second son of the late Mr. W. W. Crompton, a Bury solicitor, and brother of the late Mr. Alfred and Mr. Neville Crompton, also well-known solicitors in the town, was educated at Giggleswick School. He took to farming as a career, living at Waddington, near Clitheroe, until his wife died, 20 years ago, when he returned to Bury.

One of the last events he was able to attend was the marriage of his youngest daughter at St. Peter’s Church, Bury, three weeks ago.

Mr. Crompton was a member of the Trevelyan Club for a long number of years and was also associated for many years with the Central Conservative Club.

At one time he was a representative of Mr. William Crompton, chemist, of Bolton-street, and before his retirement was assistant to Mr. Frank Butterworth, auctioneer and estate agent, of Bury.

He leaves two sons and four daughters.

The funeral will be at Waddington Parish Church at noon on Tuesday.

This post was originally published on Mollekin Portalite on 10/10/2011.

A Maltby Wedding

Bertha L. Mollekin

Bertha Lily Mollekin, born in 1892 in Hull, is my first cousin, twice removed and daughter of Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Bertha’s marriage to Halliday Crompton.


The wedding of Mr, Halliday Crompton, of Ravenfield, second son of Mr. W. W. Crompton, solicitor, Bury, Lancashire, and Bertha Lily, eldest daughter of Mr. H. Mollekin, Maltby, took place at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Maltby, on Thursday, in the presence of a large congregation of relatives and friends. A reception was held immediately after the ceremony, in the Assembly Rooms, Maltby, which were suitably decorated for the occasion. About 50 guests attended. The happy couple were the recipients of many choice and valuable presents. The bride groom’s gift to the bride was a beautiful chased gold watch wristlet and to the bridesmaid a gold brooch set with a Ceylonese jewel. The bride’s gift to the bridegroom was a gold and diamond tie slide.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church

Among the presents from the many friends were the following: The bride’s father and mother, household linen and domestic utensils; from the bridegroom’s father, cheque, and from his mother a mahogany roll-top desk and a cheque; silver toast rack, Mr. and Mrs. Addy; silver sugar bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Batty; silver sugar basin and sifter, Mr. and Mrs. Berwick; silver bonbon dish, Miss M. Berwick silver and china cake dish, Mr. W. M. and Miss Briggs; oak clock, Mr. Karl Crompton; seltzogene and silver-mounted milk set. Mr. N. Crompton; table lamp, four cushions, silver-mounted salts, mustard and pepperettes, Mr. A. Crompton; pair of oak-framed engraving, Mr. and Mrs. P. Crowther; leather suit case, Mr. Clifford Crompton; silver-mounted flower case, Mrs. B. Cornhall; hall set, Miss Dufty; worked linen towel cover, Mr. W. Dickson; silver egg stand, Mr. and Mrs. Dyson; tea service, Mr. and Mrs. Elce; pair of silver photo frames, Mr. B. and Miss Foers; silver crumb spoon, Mr. and Mrs. Fretwell; case of fish eaters, Mr. W. Grime; silver-mounted oak biscuit barrel, Mr. and Mrs. Haywood; quilt, Mr. Jarvis; silver cake stand, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hopkinson; silver-mounted sugar sifter, Mabel Mollekin; teas service, Bert Mollekin; ink stand, Miss May and Mr. G. Morrell; silver toast rack, Miss V. and Mr. T. Morrell; silver flower stand, Miss R. and Mr. P. Morrell; silver sugar dish, Miss B. and Mr. O. Morrell; silver egg stand, Miss M. Morrell and Mr. A. Merryweather; silver and china fruit stand, Mr. and Mrs. Millard; coal vase, Mr. H. Nicholson; silver sardine dish, Mr. and Mrs T. Pearson; double dinner service, Mr. and Mrs. W. Pearson; two Wedgwood salts, Misses Vera and Emma Smith; eider-down quilt, Mr. R. Pearson; quilt, Miss Smith; dinner service, Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith; silver mounted biscuit jar, Mr. and Mrs. Plant; Sheraton cardtable, Mr. and Mrs. S. Roberts; carvers in case, Mr. T. Trueman; silver jam tray, Miss Turlow; worked d’oyleys, Miss Trueman; brass arm and Ore brasses; Mr. and Mrs Yates.

During the afternoon the happy pair left Maltby by motor for Doncaster en route for London, where the honeymoon is to be spent. The guests were entertained during the evening, having a very enjoyable concert and dance.

This post was originally published on Mollekin Portalite on 10/10/2011.