Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin, born in 1908 in Rotherham, is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Herbert Mollekin.

Below are a couple of newspaper articles published the day following Claude’s funeral.


MOLLEKIN. – On May 28th, at the Royal Hospital, Sheffield, of The Grove, Blyth Road, Maltby, beloved husband of Kath and dearly loved father of Judith and Mary.


Mr. Claude Mollekin, a Maltby builder and racecourse owner, died at the Royal Hospital, Sheffield, on Tuesday. He was 59.

Mr. Mollekin, of The Grove, Blyth Road, Maltby, had lived in the town all his life. The son of a master builder, he joined the family business after leaving Rotherham Grammar School.

When his father died, Mr. Mollekin entered partnership with his brother, but when this was dissolved he took over control of the family’s building business.

The company has expanded over the years, but Mr. Mollekin had always maintained his interest in the well-being of his employees.

He was constantly grateful for their loyalty, and many men have stayed with the company for a large part of their working lives.


Mr. Mollekin had very wide interests. In recent years he had emulated his father, owning several racehorses.  He had many other sporting interests. In his earlier days he had played competitive football at school, and he also had an active interest in cricket.

He leaves a widow and two daughters.

The Grove

The Grove

Interment took place at Maltby Cemetery yesterday, following a service at Maltby Parish Church, conducted by the Vicar of Maltby, the Rev. C. A. Auckland.

During the service Mr. Auckland said Mr. Mollekin’s vigour had been turned into a skill.

“I knew Mr. Mollekin very well indeed, and regarded him as a very dear friend who did a lot of work for us in the church. But it was not this that brought me into contact with him, but his humanity and his vigour,” he said.

Maltby Cemetery

Family mourners were: Mrs. K. Mollekin (widow), Miss J. Mollekin, Miss M. Mollekin (daughters), Mr. H. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. S. Mollekin, Mr. S. Mollekin (brothers and sisters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler (brother-in-law and sister), Miss I. Mollekin, Mr. H. Nicholson, Mr. J. Sadler, Mr. and Mrs. M. Green (nephews and nieces).

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gurney (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. M. Bevitt-Smith, Mr. Nigel Bevitt-Smith (cousins).

Representatives present were Mr. F. Massey (Conisbro’ Urban District Council), Mr. A. Johnson (Oates Builders’ Merchants, Ltd.), Mr. K. L. Perkins (Newtons, Worksop, Ltd.), Mr. J. Shaw and Mr. J. Walker (S. and W. Contractors), Mr. F. Ogley (Oxley and Coward), Mr. E. Stacey (Maltby Forge and Iron Works), Mr. G. W. Routh (T. H. Johnson and Son), Mr. G. Outram (North Notts Gravel Co., Qualbatch Concrete, Ltd., and Ferror Concrete and Stone, North Notts, Ltd.), Mr. F. Catchpole (Maltby Metallic Brick Co.), Mr. W. H. N. Haslam (J. Haslam and Sons), Mr. E. J. L. Pleasance (Worksop Blast Co.), Mr. R. Shaw and Mr. D. Murphy (Shaw and Murphy), Mr. S. Bristowe and Mr. W. H. Tucker (H. Aizlewood Ltd.), Mr. D. Sutherland (Joseph Green, Ltd.), Mr. T. Agar (H. B. Raylor and Co., Ltd.).

Mr. Fernie Greaves and Mr. A. Thurlston-Holmes (Fernie Greaves, Holland and Co.), Mr. J. Clark (Frank Gresham and Co., Ltd.), Mr. W. Stephenson (Doncaster Blood Stock), Mr. N. Brooke (J. H. Bean and Co., Ltd.), Mr. C. Ellis and Mr. P. Mitchell (Murray and Bright, Ltd.), Mr. K. J. Butler (Midland Woodworking Co., Ltd., of Melton Mowbray), Mr. B. W. Ellis, Mr. R. Oddy, Mr. G. H. Davis, Mr. M. Hepples (Maltby Urban District Council), Mr. A. H. Willingham (Midland Bank Ltd.), Mr. T. Foulds (T. Foulds and Sons), Mr. J. Ridley (Ridley’s Woodworking Co.), Mr. H. Barlow (Rotherham Builders’ Supply Co., and J. B. Dent and Co.), Mr. D. Hammerton, Mr. A. Criddle (Criddle and Hammerton, accountants), Mr. E. L. Leng (Brick Marketing Co.), Mr. J. C. Wilberg (B. Croft and Whiteman, Ltd.), Mr. M. O. Auburn (Messrs. Grimwade and Ainsley, quanitity surveyors), Hubert R. Palmer (Jenkinson, Palmer and Associate).

Employees present were Mr. W. White, Mr. E. Kenyon, Mr. E. Tann, Mr. H. Fletcher, Mr. C. Viney, Mr. F. Mottram, Mr. R. Trueman, Mr. A. Crawshaw, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. J. Crawshaw, Mr. J. Pitchford, Mr. C. O’Neill, Mr. A. Brookes, Mr. R. Holgate, Mr. K. O’Neill, Mr. J. Mitchell, Mr. C. Vaughn, Mr. T. Ridgeway, Mr. E. Stacey, Mr. K. Fretwell, Mr. A. Beedle, Mr. G. Loundes, Mr. Granville, Mrs. E. M. Mitchell, Mrs. I. Appleby, Mrs. A. Hepples, Mrs. V. Moody, Mr. R. Longbottom, Mr. D. R. Baxter, Mr. B. Crawshaw, Mr. G. Turner, Mr. G. Casswell, Mr. D. Hall, Mr. R. Cavill, Mr. E. Feltrup, Mr. L. Andrews, Mr. G. Simms.

Claude's grave

Claude’s grave

Others present were Mr. W. H. Palfreyman, Mr. G. Feltrup, Mr. T. Alton, Mr. J. Alton, Mr. D. Atton, Mr. F. Morrell, Mr. A. L. Salmon, Mr. G. W. Hall, Mr. G. Hunter, Mr. W. Jones, Mr. R. Astwood, Mr. T. Badger, Mr. And Mrs. R. Walker, Mrs. N. Batty, Mrs. John Balbirnie (also representing Dr. J. P. E. Balbirnie), Mr. John Pepper (also representing Mrs. Mary Pepper and family), Mr. E. Bowyer and son, Mr. Geoff Spencer, Miss G. Spencer (also representing Mrs. R. Spencer), Mr. H. Bilton, Mr. A. Cumberlidge (also representing Mrs. Cumberlidge), Mr. H. Trueman, Mr. A. Bagley, Mr. C. Ridgeway, Mr. D. W. Charman (also representing the Earl of Scarborough and Mr. E. T. Merryweather), Mr. Leslie Mann.

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