The Shackleton Family of Leeds and Rotherham, Yorkshire

Hannah Shackleton

Hannah Shackleton

The Shackleton family in my family tree is a very intertwined and confusing one. It seems to start when my third great grandfather issued a son with his first wife, Maria, who was called William Shackleton Pinder. William died aged nearly two months in October 1836. His mother, Maria, appears to have died as a consequence of William’s birth. I do not know when Thomas and Maria married or what Maria’s maiden name was. William’s middle name might suggest it was Shackleton.

On the 1841 Census, Thomas Pinder is living in Westgate in Rotherham with his children and a housekeeper called Mary Shackleton. ‘Housekeeper’ is often a euphemism for girlfriend / partner etc on nineteenth century Census Returns. Thomas and Mary marry in 1843. Mary’s father is named as William Shackleton and his occupation is given as Potter. So, it may be that William Shackleton Pinder was named Shackleton in honour of Mary who perhaps nursed him after his mother’s death or perhaps Mary and Maria were sisters. Also on the 1841 Census, Thomas’s daughter is living with a George and Sarah Shackleton in Ferry Fryston, Pontefract. George’s occupation is given as Potter.



Thomas Pinder’s son, Robert Thomas Pinder, loses his wife in 1855. He then, in 1856, marries a Hannah Shackleton in Leeds. Hannah’s father’s name is given as James Shackleton and his occupation as Potter.

Mary Shackleton who married Thomas Pinder was born in West Melton near to Rotherham. There could be some connection between Mary and a Susanna Shackleton who originated from Brampton (next to West Melton) who married George Liversidge and lived in Swinton, South Yorkshire. Susanna and George issued a son called Alfred who became quite a notable sportsman. There are a number of Shackleton people buried in Swinton and it might be that a branch or two of the Shackleton family gravitated from West Yorkshire to Swinton because of the renowned Rockingham Pottery in Swinton.

Shackleton grave, Swinton

Shackleton grave, Swinton

How all of these different Shackleton people are connected to each other is very confusing. Although I have no proof, I believe that a William Shackleton issued a number of children in Leeds and that some were baptised in Saint Peter’s Church in Leeds. I think one of these children was called James who fathered Hannah Pinder (wife of Robert Thomas Pinder) and another was called George (who Hannah Pinder was staying with in 1841). It’s possible that William moved to South Yorkshire, perhaps because of the aforementioned Rockingham Pottery in Swinton and thus issued Mary (wife of Thomas Pinder) in West Melton.

If anybody with an extensive knowledge of the Shackleton family reads this, I would appreciate their input.

Special thanks are owed to Carol Webb for the photo of Hannah.

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