Woman’s Fatal Burns


St Anns Road

Susannah Childs, born circa 1875 in Brooksby, Leicestershire, married my third cousin, twice removed, Charles Emmanuel Easthope, in 1908 in Rotherham.

Below are a number of newspaper articles published shortly after her tragic death.




A verdict of “Accidental Death” was recorded by the Rotherham Borough Coroner (Mr. W. J. Bradford, J.P.) at an inquest held in the Rotherham Hospital on Tuesday into the circumstances of the death of Susannah Easthope (60), married woman, of 231, St. Ann’s Road, Rotherham, who sustained fatal burns at her home on Saturday morning.

Dr. W. A. Heggie, house surgeon at the Rotherham Hospital, said deceased was admitted on Saturday morning. She was suffering from extensive burns which involved the upper part of the chest, the face, both arms, the whole of the back and the back of the legs. She died next day, the cause of death being shock following the burns. More than half of the body area was burned and when more than one-third of the body area was burned it was usually fatal.

Doncaster Gate Hospital, Rotherham - 19.08.07 (4)

Rotherham Hospital

Charles Robert Easthope, son of the deceased, said he was in bed when he heard his mother shouting from downstairs. He came down at once and met his mother at the bottom of the stairs. She was in flames and was hardly visible. Witness obtained a coat which was hanging behind a door and wrapped it around her, smothering the flames. Deceased afterwards told him that she was reaching to the mantlepiece when her apron caught fire.

The Coroner complimented the son, saying that he appeared to have done everything he could.

EASTHOPE. – On Sunday, December 8th, 1935, at the Rotherham Hospital, Susannah, the dearly loved wife of Charles E. Easthope, aged 60 years.

Mr. Easthope and family wish to thank Doctor in attendance; also Doctor, Matron, Sisters, and Nurses of the Rotherham Hospital for kindness shown to Mrs. Easthope; also neighbours and friends for kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes.

Masbrough Cemetery - 03.06.09 (18)

Masbrough Cemetery



The funeral of Mrs. Susannah Easthope, of 231, St. Ann’s Road, Rotherham, who died in Rotherham Hospital on Sunday, following burns sustained at her home (a report of the inquest will be found on page 4) took place in the Masbro’ Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, the service being conducted by the Rev. J. M. Neilson. The principal mourners were Mr. Charles E. Easthope (widow), Messrs. Charles R., George, and Edward Easthope (sons), Mr. and Mrs. J. Clay (son-in-law and daughters), Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Childs, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Childs, Mr. Harry Childs and “Ivy,” Mrs. Thomas Taylor, Miss Zeita Childs, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Easthope, Mr. S. Childs, Mrs. Haywood, Mrs. Asman, Mr. and Mrs. Glossop, and Mr. Charles Glossop, Mrs. Emanuel Easthope, and Mr. Tummings.

Floral tributes were sent by the following:- Widower and family,” “Kitty, Jim and Joyce and her little grandson Gordon,” “Mr. R. Childs, Zeeta, Tom, Cissie and Norman,” “Mr. and Mrs. Glossop and Son,” “William and Eliza Childs,” “Tom and Lottie Childs,” “Harry and Ivy Childs,” “Ida, Ted, Sid, Iris, Frank and Teddy Easthope,” Mr. John Angell, Mr. and Mrs. George Pickering, “Tom, Lucy and Lillian Asman,” Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell, Mr. and Mrs. Bateman, Mr. and Mrs. B. Nixon, “Mrs. Clay and little Teddy,” Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and two wreaths from “Neighbours and friends.”

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