23 Piccadilly Road, Swinton

Former shop(s), Piccadilly Road, Swinton - 07.05.11 (3)

23 Piccadilly Road, Swinton

This shop, at 23 Piccadilly Road, was for many years owned by Alec Burden who was also a Milkman for the Piccadilly area.

According to Malcolm G. Plant’s book, ‘Piccadilly the Hamlet’, the shop was initially opened by Charles Green in 1926.

Alec sold the shop to the Bennett family.

I remember first going to the shop in 1991 and it was a small, typical, corner shop. I’m not sure exactly when it ceased trading, but I think probably in the mid to late 1990s. It is now a private dwelling.

The shop is also rumoured to be haunted!

3 Responses to “23 Piccadilly Road, Swinton”

  1. Jeff troop Says:

    Also had the farm at the top of the hill over the other side of the roads olywell farm I think

  2. Kerry bennett Says:

    It was our family home for many years and yes very haunted !

  3. Christine Ratchford was Horton Says:

    Alec and his wife Millie had the shop for years I remember going in the shop from being little before that they had the farm which was called Holywell farm (where i used to live) the farm was taken over by the Flints who had the farm for years after untill it was demolished and David moved to what was know as Gaswell house at the bottom of the hill in Kilnhurst
    The old farm used to be a coaching house many years ago, my family moved out of the farm and moved into one of the farm workers cottages at the top of the drive way theres were also known as Holywell cottages i remember we had neighbours called Brown at no ! and then it was the Mappins
    our house was No 2 and this was also haunted you coild hear footsteps on the attick stairs and a very sweet tabacco smell and sometimes you would be stood in the kitchen and the back door would open and then close all on its own we didnt have any neighbours apart from next door and for years there was only a bus into Rotherham every Hour and every 2 Hours for Doncaster

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