Swinton Bridge School

Swinton Bridge School, Swinton - 29.07.08 (5)

Swinton Bridge School

This was a Board School built in 1878 and is currently occupied by a number of business units. It closed as a school in 1981 and the tower was removed in January 2017.

Teachers at this school have included (please supply service years if known):-

Mr. Boswell – 1970s
Mrs. Bouley
Mrs. Carr – 1970s
Mrs. Chappell – 1970s
Mr. Drury – 1970s
Mrs. Eady – 1970s
Mrs. Gibson (Head Teacher) – 1970s
Mrs. Horsley
Mrs. King
Mrs. Ingham (Head Teacher) – 1960s
Mr. Jones (Deputy Head Teacher)
Mrs. Lockwood – 1970s
Mrs. Loyd
Miss Pontefract – 1970s
Mr. Randerson

Other staff included (please supply service years if known):-

Mrs. Wagstaff (Dinner Lady) – 1970s

6 Responses to “Swinton Bridge School”

  1. Brian McHugh Says:

    Mr Payne headmaster in the 1960’s

  2. Dave Wright Says:

    I ace some photos of my dad the Rev Brian Wright , he was minister at St Johns around 1955 ish . They re of a Bring your pet to school day . Does anyone remember?

  3. Richard Drury Says:

    I taught at Swinton Bridge from 1973 until 1979. It was my first teaching post and I loved it there . The children I taught were brilliant if any are reading this. Richard Drury

  4. Margaret Balding Says:

    My husband taught at Swinton Bridge in the 1950s. His name was Tony Balding. The headmaster then was Bill Payne. Margaret Balding

    • Richard Drury Says:

      Richard Drury: as mentioned previously I taught at the Swinton Bridge from September 1973 until April 1979. Mrs Ingham was my headmistress when I first arrived and then Mrs. Gibson. It was a smashing school and taught there with my lifelong friend Neil Boswell, he came a coupe of years after I started. Sadly he is no longer with us.

  5. Pete Kidson Says:

    I attended Swinton Bridge in the late sixties. Had my best years of schooling there. I only remember one teacher by the name of Mrs Collins. Leaving said school I moved on to Swinton Comprehensive until 68. Sad to see the school has gone.

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