Don Hotel, Swinton

Don Hotel, Swinton - 17.08.13 (1)

Don Hotel, Swinton

This 19th century public house closed for business in early 2010 and it was planned to convert it into residential accommodation. It is currently the home of Lane Emporium.

Landlords have included:-

  • John Gaunt – 1891
  • Luke Barber – 1901
  • Derek & Ivy Wall – Early 1970s
  • Tom & Rita Prescott – 1970s
  • Pickering & Dorothy Goddard – 1980s
  • Geoff Salmons – Early 1990s
  • Dave Evans – Late 1990s
  • Steve & Jane Burton Early 2000s
  • Michelle Hathaway – Circa 2005
  • Philip Dungworth
  • Bob Ingham
  • Craig Sutton

A familiar face that drank here whilst Geoff Salmons was the Landlord, was Paul Shane, the actor.

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