Canal Tavern, Swinton

The Moorings, Bridge Street, Swinton - 23.05.16

The Moorings & Hamshaw Bridge, Swinton

This 19th century public house was renamed, firstly, to, ‘Tow Path’, ‘Bar G’ (mid 1970s) and finally, ‘Canal Bar’ in the early 1990s. It closed for business circa 2006 and was demolished soon after. It is now the site of modern residential accommodation called ‘The Moorings’.

Landlords have included:-

  • George Hampshire – Mid 1800s
  • Lucy Hampshire (nee Newton) – 1860s/70s
  • John Bingham – Early 1900s
  • Harry Taylor – Early 1970s

I believe that Hamshaw Bridge, near to this public house, was named after George & Lucy Hampshire.

One Response to “Canal Tavern, Swinton”

  1. John Ayres Says:

    Hi, just read your information on the Canal Tavern which i found very interesting. I’am interested in pottery and it’s manufacturers. In a book by John. D. Griffin, 2012, The Yorkshire Potteries, p126, mentions in 1838-1845 under the name Swinton, china and Earthenware Manufacturers owned by George Hampshire, and Thomas Newton, Swinton Bridge.
    It goes on to mention that Thomas Newton was the licensee of the Canal Tavern in 1838. I presume that Lucy Hampshire was Thomas Newton sister.

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