Mad Ron, Swinton

Church Street, Queen Street & Station Street Junction - 13.06.15 (2)

Queen Street Junction, Swinton

2 Church Street is currently occupied by ‘Deb’s Barber Shop’. Previously, a very well known Swinton barber had traded from there who was known as ‘Mad Ron’. Ron was quite a character who anybody having had their hair cut by him knows. Before Ron, there was another eccentric, Scottish, barber trading from the same premises, called Joe Alexander, who lived on Queen Street and would sometimes make cat-like noises whilst cutting hair. Mr. Alexander’s shop was once robbed but the Police caught the culprits on the top deck of a bus on Racecourse Road.

One Response to “Mad Ron, Swinton”

  1. Mrs hinks Says:

    I think this used to be my sisters cafe in the sixties

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