Cheeky Raiders

Claude Mollekin (Copyright Ann Mollekin) (1)

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin, born in 1908 in Rotherham, is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article regarding somebody going for a joyride in his car.


‘Cheeky’ raiders grab new car

MALTBY building contractor Mr. Claud Mollekin received an unpleasant surprise on Wednesday morning when it was discovered that his new car had vanished, and the culprits had been so cheeky they had closed the garage doors after them.

The car, a Jaguar 3.8 “S” type, was taken from the garage at Mr. Mollekin’s house, “The Grove,” Roche Abbey Road, after Mr. Mollekin had left it there at about midnight on Tuesday.

“I don’t understand not hearing them, as we have a good dog,” Mr. Mollekin told “The Advertiser.” “Another car in the garage was untouched.”

Blyth Road (The Grove), Maltby - 06.02.05 (4)

The Grove


The car was found run off the road at Wood Lea, Maltby Crags, at about 9.30 on Wednesday morning, and Mr. Mollekin estimates damage done at about £60.

“I assume it was some young hotheads who took it for a joy ride, and I suppose they live locally, or they would not have brought it back to Maltby,” said Mr. Mollekin. The car had been driven about 90 miles.

Maltby police said yesterday that inquiries were being made.

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