Cliffield House, Swinton

Cliffield House, Swinton

Cliffield House, Swinton

This house is located on Station Street. It was converted into a residential home for the elderly a number of years ago. Recently, the house was bought by a different company and renamed to Swinton Grange.

In 1891, Cliffield House was the home of Isaac Widdop who was an Iron Works Manager.

Perhaps the most well-known person to reside in this house, was Doctor Campbell, who lived until his death in the 1980s.

One Response to “Cliffield House, Swinton”

  1. Bill Coop Says:

    Before Dr. Campbell was Dr.Hatherley and his big family, some of whom were medics.
    Doc. Hatherley did his rounds on a big, heavy, roadster bike.. I once did a day-trip to the Peak district on it.

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