Cliffefield Road Shops, Swinton

Former shops, Cliffefield Road, Swinton

Cliffefield Road Shops, Swinton

At the bottom of Cliffefield Road were a couple of shops which have now been converted into residential accommodation.

The shop of the left hand corner was in the 1980s and 1990s (and maybe before) a grocery shop, known as ‘Georges’ which belonged to George Alexander and his wife. Before George, the shop belonged to the Adams’ family who would close the main part of the shop at 19:00 and it would then become an off license.

The shop on the right hand corner was Ron Wharin’s butchers shop and after Ron had left, it became Cutler’s fruit and vegetable shop. After it ceased selling fruit and vegetables, it became known as Cutler’s Warehouse which was basically an unsupervised youth club.

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