Fitzwilliam School, Swinton

Fitzwilliam School, Swinton

Fitzwilliam School, Swinton

This School was built in 1860 and closed in 1952 to infants and to juniors in 1978. Pupils were transferred to a new school on Rookery Road, of the same name which was opened in 1952 and extended in 1978.

Teachers at this school have included (please supply service years if known):-

  • Mrs. Barker
  • Miss Barraclough
  • Mr. John Benbow
  • Mr. Biram
  • Mrs. Brettle (Head Teacher)
  • Mr. Byron
  • Mrs. Cameron
  • Mrs. Pauline Coates
  • Mr. Cooke
  • Mrs. Cooper
  • Mr. Crook
  • Mr. Dennis
  • Miss Downing
  • Mrs V. Drury
  • Mrs. Edwards (nee Millington)
  • Mrs. Elliott
  • Mr. Foley
  • Mrs. Gill
  • Miss Gillot
  • Mrs. Heeson
  • Mrs. Hirst
  • Mr. Holmes
  • Mrs. Horsefield (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs. Hurt
  • Mr. Jeavons (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs. Johnson
  • Mr. Laird
  • Mr. Lowe
  • Miss Lynskey
  • Miss Millican
  • Mrs. Milne
  • Mr. Parker
  • Mr. Peat
  • Mrs. Ratcliffe
  • Mrs. Roberts (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs. Pat Scherdle
  • Mrs. Shaw
  • Mrs. Shepherd
  • Mrs. Temple
  • Mrs. Uren
  • Miss Vickers
  • Mrs. Walsh
  • Mrs. Wells (nee Wwyman)
  • Mrs. Yuron

Other staff included (please supply service years if known):-

  • Mrs. Adey (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Margaret Barke
  • Mrs. Beatson (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Caldershaw (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Eaton (Dinner Lady)
  • Mr. Durose (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Haines (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Halstead – Circa 1971 to 1979
  • Mrs. Harding (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Hilton (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. Lockwood (Dinner Lady)
  • Mr. Bill Mason (Caretaker)
  • Mrs. Moran (Dinner Lady)
  • Mrs. O’Brien (Mr. Jeavons’s Secretary)
  • Mr. Ryan (Caretaker)
  • Mrs. Townsend (Head Cook)
  • Mr. Waterfield (Lollipop Man)
  • Mr. Wild (Caretaker)

The vicarage field at at Saint Margaret’s Church was used for physical education and the Church Hall was used at dinner time.

3 Responses to “Fitzwilliam School, Swinton”

  1. Patricia Horsfield Says:

    Mrs Shaw retired early 50’s

  2. Bill Coop Says:

    “Gaffer” Ward was headmaster in the late 1930`s when I was being educated in the Church Hall.
    The cry “Gaffers dahn” caused a certain amount of terror. He seemed to enjoy wielding the cane.

  3. John Benson Says:

    My mother, Rhoda Benson used to walk the children down from the school to the Church Hall and back again. Supervising them while they had their dinner and in the playground afterwards.
    This would have been in the early to mid 70s.

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