Red House, Swinton

Red House, Swinton

Red House, Swinton

This public house was named as such due to it being a regular for the nearby glass blowers. In the 2000s, its name changed to Bridge Bar and closed for business in early 2012. It reopened in 2013 under the name of Nautical Decades. In 2016, its name changed again, to, New Red House.

Landlords have included:-

  • Gertrude & James Phillips – Circa 1925 to circa 1933
  • Don Wall – 1960s?
  • Joan Stead – 1970s?
  • ‘Conway’ – 1990s?
  • Brett Jones – 2000s?

According to Donald Hancock, Joan ran the pub for 21 years and the clock in the bar was 21 minutes fast (1 minute for each year that she was in the pub) before selling it back to the brewery who then modernised it.

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