Former Teacher Dies

Doncaster Road Congregational Church, Rotherham - 19.08.07 (1)

Doncaster Road Congregational Church

In 1897, in Rotherham, my first cousin, thrice removed, Walter Early, married Lucy Helena Hutchinson. Below is Lucy’s obituary.


EARLY. – On July 8th, at 42, Haugh Lane, Sheffield, Lucy Helena, aged 87 years, wife of the late Walter Early, and dear mother of Dorothy, Clarice, Alan, Lily and Mabel.


37 - Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham (Early) - 20.07.10 (3)

Lucy’s grave

MRS. LUCY EARLY, 87-years-old former Rotherham school-teacher and church worker, died this week at her home in Haugh Lane, Sheffield.

Mrs. Early and her late husband, Mr. Walter Early, were members of the former Doncaster Gate Congregational Church, Rotherham, before moving to Sheffield, and were married at that church.

Mrs. Early, whose maiden name was Hutchinson, taught at the Wellgate and Thornhill Schools. Mr. Early was owner of a number of Rotherham sweet shops, named “Dainties.”

During their stay at Sheffield, both were prominent members of the Endcliffe Park Congregational Church. Mr. Early was treasurer and a deacon, and Mrs. Early did a great deal of work with the church’s women’s section.

The funeral and service took place at the Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham, yesterday.

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