Gwynneth Ann Early


18 Lister Street

Gwynneth Ann Early, born in Rotherham, is my third cousin, once removed and daughter of George Edward Early and Blanche Seston.

Gwynneth was born in 1951 and lived with her family at 18 Lister Street in Rotherham. After returning home from work one evening, Gwynneth complained that she was suffering from a headache and so decided to go to sleep in the hope she’d feel better. However, Gwynneth sadly suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage.


EARLY. – On December 15th, at 18, Lister Street, Rotherham, Gwynneth Ann, 19 years; dearly loved daughter of Blanche and George, Service at Clifton Methodist Church, to-day (Friday), at 3 p.m. Followed by cremation.

In the midst of life – death.


Clifton Methodist Church


EARLY. – Mr. and Mrs. George Early, family and John thank relatives, all friends and neighbours in Lister Street for all their devotion, helpfulness and prayers during the sad loss or our dearest Gwynneth Ann; to Rev. Griffiths and Rev. V. A. Vout for their visitations and prayers; to Doctors Peckitt, Ross and Hinchliffe for their genuine concern and attendances; to the Rotherham Co-operative Society for funeral arrangements; to the police and Coroner’s Office staff for such concern and tenderness in duties dealt with; to innumerable persons for letters of sympathy, floral tributes and thoughts, for which we are so grateful.

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