Terence Easthope


Rotherham General Hospital

The Easthope family joined my tree when Emmanuel Easthope married my second cousin, thrice removed, Emily Webster Burton on New Year’s Day, 1872 in Parkgate, Rotherham.

Terence Easthope is my fifth cousin and the great grandson of the aforementioned Emmanuel and Emily. Below are a number of newspaper articles published shortly after his death.

EASTHOPE. – Terry, died on February 20th. Younger brother of John, Barry, Christine and Kevin.

Will be sadly missed by family, relatives and friends.


Tragic DJ went ‘downhill’ after his divorce

A Rotherham man who turned to drink after the collapse of his marriage was found dead in the psychiatric wing of Rotherham District General Hospital an inquest heard, on Wednesday.

Terrence Easthope , of Psalters Lane, Masbrough, died during the early hours of Monday, February 20, after being re-admitted to the hospital the day before.

The Rotherham Coroner, Mr Stanley Hooper, heard that Mr Easthope (36), a self-employed disc jockey, had “gone downhill,” and drank heavily after his divorce. His brother Barry, said he had received psychiatric help at the hospital for at least two years.

The inquest was told that Mr Easthope had spent part of the weekend before his death at the home of a woman he had befriended during the course of his treatment. The two had disagreed and he had returned to the psychiatric wing in a taxi.

The inquest was adjourned pending police enquiries.


Epilepsy may have led to death

A former disc jockey found dead in a hospital ward may have died of an epileptic fit, an inquest heard on Wednesday.


Psalters Lane

Terry Easthope (35), of Psalters Lane, Masbrough, died in the psychiatric wing of Rotherham District General Hospital on February 20 after being re-admitted the day before.

Dr David Slater, consultant pathologist at the hospital, told the inquest that although Mr Easthope was a heavy drinker there was no trace of alcohol in his blood.

He added: “Although it is not scientifically absolute I feel that he had had an epileptic fit and there was also hardening of his arteries which was a contributing factor which caused his death.”

The Rotherham Coroner, Mr Stanley Hooper, recorded a verdict of death by natural causes and added that although Mr Easthope was not a known epileptic he was more than satisfied that epilepsy had led to his death.

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  1. Lyndsey Easthope Says:

    Terry was my dad 😦 no mention of me and my sister though .

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