Ernest Harold Early


24 Bent Lathes Avenue

Ernest Harold Early, born in 1918 in Rotherham, is my second cousin, twice removed and son of Frederick Ambrose Early and Mabel Hutchinson.

In 1942, in Rotherham, Ernest married Brenda Joan Gregory and together they issued four children.  Details regarding their wedding can be viewed here.

Below is Ernest’s obituary, published a few days after his death.


EARLY. – On July 11th, at home, after a long illness patiently borne, Ernest Harold, the dearly loved husband of Brenda and loving father of Richard, Philip, Ian and Christine. Service at Herringthorpe Congregational Church, 2 p.m., Monday, July 15th, followed by cremation.


Mr. Ernest Harold Early, of 24, Bent Lathes Avenue, Rotherham, died at his home on Thursday at the age of 45.

Mr. Early was well known in Rotherham and district as a sales representative for the wholesale grocers, Nichols, Johnson and Bingham. He was obliged to give up work because of ill-health ten months ago.

A former Rotherham Grammar School pupil, he was in the R.A.F. during World War II, serving in England and West Africa. Mr. Early was a member of the Commercial Travellers’ Association and also the Whiston Mess of the Fellowship of Service. He was also a member of the Herringthorpe Congregational Church choir.

Thomas Rotherham College, Rotherham - 15.09.11

Rotherham Grammar School

He leaves a widow, three sons and a daughter.

There will be a service at Herringthorpe Congregational Church at 2 p.m. on Monday, followed by cremation.



Cremation took place at Rotherham on Monday, following a service at the Herringthorpe Congregational Church, conducted by the Rev. W. A. Clyncs, of Mr. Ernest Harold Early, of 24, Bent Lathes Avenue, Rotherham, whose death was reported last week.

Family mourners were Mrs. B. Early (widow), Mr. R. Early, Master P. Early (sons), Mr. and Mrs. L. Early (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. V. Brameld (brother-in-law, also representing Mrs. Brameld and Mrs. M. Early, mother), Mr. and Mrs. S. Gregory (mother-in-law and father-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. W. Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Master J. Spencer (nephew, also representing Mr. T. Spencer), Mr. and Mrs. M. Early, Mrs. J. Balderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bairstow (nephews and nieces), Mr. C. Early, Mrs. D. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Empson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Jenkinson, Mrs. A. Bugg (cousins), Mrs. A. Hutchinson, Mrs. G. Gibson (aunts).

Representatives of the Fellowship of the Services Ltd., were Mr. P. R. M. Selby, Mr. D. I. Hawley, Mr. S. M. Gummer, Mr. E. Smith, Mr. A. Adams, Mr. A. Leake, Mr. J. Quinn, Mr. L. Blake, Mr. C. Taylor, Mr. C. Evans, Mr. W. Manderson, Mr. B. Beardsley, Mr. C. Hancock, Mr. H. Nutton, Mr. A. Crutchley, Mr. F. Weatherley, Mr. F. Buttley, Mr. A. Jenkinson and Mr. J. R. Douglas.

East Herringthorpe Cemetery, Rotherham - 29.12.15

Rotherham Crematorium

Other mourners included Mr. J. R. Frost, Mr. I. A. Jeavons (also representing the deacons of the Herringthorpe Congregational Church), Mr. G. Butler, Mr. R. Baker-Rogers, Mr. G. Blackwell, Mr. W. Peckett, Mrs. W. Wells, Mr. H. Hobson, Mr. H. Depledge, Mr. W. A. Swift (also representing Nichols, Johnson and Bingham Ltd)., Mr. H. Harper (also representing A. T. Bescoby and Sons Ltd.), Mr. A. Lockton (also representing the trustees of G. F. Heath), Mr. H. Holland (also representing Arthur Balfour and Co. Ltd.), Mr. N. Foulds (also representing the Rotherham Commercial Travellers’ Association), Mr. H. R. Ray (also representing Mrs. M. Ray), Mrs. A. Messenger (also representing Mr. Messenger), Mrs. J. Hale (also representing Mr. and Mrs. M. Hale), Mr. A. R. Fleming, Mrs. E. Hardy, Mr. G. Buckley, Mr. R. Bostwick, Mr. D. J. Halley, Mr. A. L. Jenkinson, Mr. C. C. Evans, Mr. J. M. Kendrick, Mr. J. Simpson, Mr. N. Rutter, Mr. J. W. Norrie, Mr. R. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. E. Russell, Mrs. E. Gordon, Mrs. B. Mozley, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Adsetts, Mrs. W. Patrick, Mrs. H. L. Wheater, Mrs. D. H. Milnes, Mrs. R. Barker, Mrs. M. A. Norris, Mrs. I. Blake, Mr. and Mrs. N. Clegg, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cherry, Mrs. E. Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Foster, Mrs. C. R. Sanderson and Mrs. L. S. Jennison.

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