Albert Rowbottom


Saint Mary’s Church

Albert Rowbottom, born in 1868 in Parkgate, Rotherham, is my great grand uncle and son of Albert Rowbottom and Charlotte Yates.

In 1899, Albert married Mary Elizabeth Leak in Saint Mary’s Church, Rawmarsh. Together, they issued two children, called, Zillah and Annie.

Albert appears to have lived in Parkgate for all of his life and at some point between 1901 and 1911, became a Grocer at 22 Netherfield Lane, Parkgate. Number 22 has long been demolished and a bungalow now sits on the site. Albert’s older brother, George Henry, had a shop on nearby Terrace Road.


Location of 22 Netherfield Lane

During World War One, Albert was a munition’s worker and this is the occupation stated on his death certificate.

Albert died from complications arising from a gastric ulcer and below is his obituary in which his name appears as ‘Arthur’. I do not now if this was an error or if Albert had adopted this name. After his death, Mary continued with the business at 22 Netherfield Lane until around 1935.



Saint Mary’s Church

THE LATE MR. A. ROWBOTTOM. – The funeral of the late Mr. Arthur Rowbottom, grocer, of Netherfield lane, Parkgate, whose death occurred yesterday week at the age of 48, took place on Tuesday at the Haugh road cemetery, the Rev. F. G. Scovell (Rector of Rawmarsh) officiating. The mourners were Mrs. Rowbottom (widow), Miss Zillah Rowbottom (daughter), Mrs. Rowbottom (mother), Miss Rowbottom (sister), Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Rowbottom, Mr. and Mrs. T. Rowbottom, Mr. and Mrs. F. Rowbottom (brothers and sisters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. D. Rowbottom, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ewes, Mr. and Mrs. Scholes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (sisters), Mr. and Mrs. J. Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. Tummey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Shaw, Mrs. W. Gabbitas, Mrs. R. Turner, Mrs. M. Shaw, Mrs. W. Turner, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. A. Gabbitas, Mr. W. Tummey, Miss Tummey, Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield and Miss Butterfield, Mr. Alec Tummey. There were many beautiful floral tributes.

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