Johann Mölleken & Henrietta Muehlenweg


Johann Mölleken

The Mölleken family originates from Hiesfeld, Dinslaken, Rheinland, Prussia (now Germany). Records show that they were living in Hiesfeld from at least the 1500s. Over the years, the Mölleken family has spread around the globe to locations including America, Brazil, Canada, England and New Zealand.

My second great grandparents were called Johann Mölleken and Henrietta Muehlenweg. Circa 1862, Johann and Henrietta along with their daughter, sailed from Prussia to England armed with a gun and a sword. They probably arrived at Sunderland before moving on to Hull.


Henrietta Muhlenweg

Johann and Henrietta perhaps left Prussia due to political and economic pressures and they might have been bound for America to join Johann’s relations. They may have decided to postpone the final step of their journey but decided to settle in England. A family rumour is that Johann had murdered somebody in Prussia and had to quickly flea the country. Johann is the only Mölleken to have settled in England.

Johann and Henrietta issued four children together. One died in Prussia and the surviving three were called, Henriette Elise, Johann Hermann and Johann.

Belgian pin fire pistol (made circa 1861) - 31.08.12 (15)

Johann’s pistol

The name Mölleken, in England, underwent a process of anglicisation, firstly changing to Molleken and finally Mollekin. In other countries, such as in America and Canada, the name simply became Molleken. Notable people with the surname of Molleken, with whom I’m related to, include Brent Moelleken, Dustin Molleken, Lorne Molleken and Patrick Mölleken.

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  1. Kay de Vogel (nee Crompton) Says:

    Bertha Lily Mollekin (m. Halliday Crompton) was my paternal grandmother, though she died before I was born. Do you know if she was the granddaughter of Johann Mollekin? I’d like to pass some information about our forbears on to my granddaughter.

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