Frank Jarvis



Frank Jarvis, born in 1857 in Rotherham, married my first cousin, thrice removed, Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland, in 1880 in Rotherham. A couple of newspaper articles regarding their golden and diamond wedding anniversaries can be read here.

Below is Frank’s obituary.




Moorgate Hospital


The death occurred on Sunday, in the Municipal General Hospital, Rotherham, of Mr. Frank Jarvis, of “Havelock Bungalow,” Shenstone Road, Rotherham, at the age of 84 years.

A native of Rotherham, Mr. Jarvis was a foreman at Messrs. Gummers Brass Works for 20 years. He then became licensee of the Commercial Hotel, Bridge Street, Rotherham, a building demolished some years ago for street widening purposes. Mr. Jarvis retired over 20 years ago.

Bridge Street, Rotherham - 28.05.09 (3)

Bridge Street

He served on the committee of the local branch of the Brass Workers’ Association for 20 years, and was a member of the Royal Covenant Lodge of Oddfellows for over 60 years.

Mr. Jarvis celebrated his diamond wedding in June, 1940.

He leaves a widow, three sons, one of whom is Mr. George Jarvis, a well known local tobacconist and confectioner, two daughters, ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Shenstone Road, Rotherham - 01.07.07 (3)

Shenstone Road

The funeral took place on Thursday in the Moorgate Cemetery, the service being conducted by the Rev. H. J. Spalding (priest-in-charge of St. Cuthbert’s Church, Herringthorpe).

The mourners included Mrs. Jarvis (widow), Mr. F. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. G. Jarvis and Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarvis (sons and daughters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. E. Barron and Mr. and Mrs. J. Chapman (sons-in-law and daughters), Mrs. L. Trickett (niece), Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. S. Downing, and Mr. E. J. Empson (representing Messrs. Gummers, Ltd.).


Frank’s grave

Floral tributes were sent by “widow,” “The staff at the shop of Mr. George Jarvis,” “F. Jarvis, son and grandsons,” “Madge and George,” Mr. and Mrs. Barron, Mr. and Mrs. G. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bell, “Irene and Milly,” “From 26, Woodfield Road, Blackpool,” Mrs. Birkett, “Messrs. Gummer’s Directors,” Mr. and Mrs. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Trickett. “Jessie and Jack,” Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, “David,” Mr. and Mrs. Downing, Mr. and Mrs. H. Moncaster, “W. Fletcher and J. H. Fletcher.”

The funeral arrangements were made by Messrs. T. W. Outram and Sons, of Frederick Street, Rotherham.

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