Wedding Anniversaries of Rotherham Natives


Frank & Eliza

Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland is my first cousin, thrice removed. In 1880, she married Frank Jarvis and to my knowledge, they issued at least seven children, called, Francis (1880 to 1946), Jennie (1882 to 1949), Laura (1883 to 1940), William (1885 to 1886), George (1888 to 1986), Ethel (1894 to 1961) and Stanley (1901 to 1974).

Eliza and Frank enjoyed a long marriage and below are a couple of newspaper articles that celebrate their golden and diamond wedding anniversaries.

Saint Stephen's Church, Rotherham - 03.08.08 (9)

Saint Stephen’s Church




Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, of 104, Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham, who celebrated their golden wedding on Thursday, have been the recipients of many hearty congratulations. They were married at St. Stephen’s Church, Rotherham, on June 5th, 1880.

Guest and Chrimes, Rotherham - 05.05.14 (18)

Guest & Chrimes

Both are natives of Rotherham, and Mr. Jarvis is 73 years of age. His wife is 67 years old, and they have three sons and three daughters, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Mr. Jarvis started work at the age of nine with his uncle in the hay and straw business. At the age of fourteen he left his uncle and started work as a brass moulder with Messrs. Guest and Chrimes. On leaving that firm, Mr. Jarvis went to Messrs. J. Paynes’ Brass Works, and he left there to take up a position at Messrs. Baines’ Brass works. For thirty years, he worked for Messrs. Gummers, and on leaving there he became host at the Commercial Hotel, Bridge Street, Rotherham.


Gummers (right hand side)

The oldest member of the Rotherham branch of the Brassworkers’ Association, he was a member of the committee for twenty years. For over fifty years Mr. Jarvis has been actively associated with the Royal Convenant Lodge, and he is still connected with that society.




Diamond wedding anniversary celebrations are being held on Wednesday by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jarvis, of “Havelock Bungalow,” Shenstone Road, Rotherham.

Bridge Street, Rotherham - 28.05.09 (3)

Bridge Street

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis are natives of Rotherham and well-known townspeople. Mr. Jarvis was born in 1857 and his wife five years later. They were married at the St. Stephen’s Church, Eastwood, on June 5th, 1880, by the then Vicar, the Rev. W. Pilkington.

Mr. Jarvis was first employed by a relative in the hay and straw business, and three years later, at the age of 12, he commenced work with Messrs. Guest and Chrimes as an apprentice. After several years there he transferred his interests to Messrs. Baines’ Brass Works, and subsequently went to Messrs. Gummer’s Brass Works, where he rapidly received promotion and was foreman for 20 years.Mr. Jarvis next became

Shenstone Road, Rotherham - 01.07.07 (3)

Shenstone Road

Mr. Jarvis next became licensee of the Commercial Hotel in Bridge Street, a building demolished some years ago for street widening purposes. During the 10 years he was “mine host” he became very well-known. He has now been retired for about 20 years.

Mr. Jarvis served on the committee of the local branch of the Brass Workers’ Association for 20 years, and has been a member of the Royal Covenant Lodge of Oddfellows for about 60 years.

Mrs. Jarvis, who is well known as a whist player, has often held whist drives at her home on behalf of the Hospital Linen League, of which she is a member. She is also a member of the Queen’s Nursing Association.Their eldest son,

Their eldest son, Mr. Frank Jarvis, and a son-in-law, Mr. G. Edwards, both served in the last war, and they now have a grandson in the R.A.F., with another grandson awaiting call-up. Another son is Mr. George Jarvis, a well known local tobacconist.Altogether,

Altogether, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis have ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

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