Family Tree Update

Family TreeLast night I updated my Swinton People and Sepulchra projects; the update being that static thumbnail images were removed. This allows for quicker updates.

I’ve toyed with the idea of returning to PHP MySQL genealogical scripts but I find it harder to lock them down from potential hackers (and they aren’t easy for less savvy Internet users). The current HTML designs aren’t as dynamic and are slower to update but are easier to secure. But, the next major update that I have planned is to publicly publish the entirety of my family tree on my website without the need to register. What do my relations think of this? Living individuals wouldn’t be included and neither would media (like Swinton People and Sepulchra). I’ve generally made access to my family tree difficult in the past; being particularly worried that people might copy data etc without getting in touch and hoping/expecting that the promise of additional access through registration might stimulate interest/interaction. But I did find that from the introduction of and Geni trees, interaction with my family tree almost ground to a halt. I would expect that if I publicly publish more information, a greater number of relations would get in touch due to it being easier for them to establish connections (although I would also expect a greater number of people to view the information and still not make contact!). The additional public information should also draw people in through the Search Engines (through additional names, relationships and residences appearing in Internet searches etc). As mentioned earlier, it is much quicker for me to update my websites by excluding media (less than one hour without media as opposed to up to five hours with media, per website) but another factor that I’m taking into consideration is that the Ancestry/Geni trees are proliferating the unauthorised publication/sharing of media. I would propose to continue sharing copies of media with relations with whom have done likewise with me (trusted relations), but limit it to people who have no media to share (or unwilling to share (or likely to share on generally public websites)) in the form of embedded media in good quality genealogical reports. Any thoughts from people regarding this; the public publication of all data pertaining to deceased relations (as opposed to guarded/restricted access)? So many people have already publicly published data in the Ancestry/Geni trees, it’s as though I’m playing catchup, but the fact that my data would not be confined within the walls of Ancestry/Geni, should hopefully give me a slight edge? From my own experience, if I have to personally contact somebody in order to establish a genealogical connection, I generally don’t bother unless I’m almost 100% certain of relationship. The problem, I feel with my own family tree website, over the last few years, is that it has made it very difficult for potential relations to ascertain a connection without the need for emailing or registering etc. Currently, my family tree offering is just of my Molleken ancestry which is neglecting (approximately 80%) of the rest of my family tree. Plus, is life too short to worry about people pinching a bit of data when in return I might make contact with many more relations (over 100 around the globe already since the first publication of my restricted family tree, ten years ago)?

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