Alfred Henry Pinder

Masbrough Street

Masbrough Street

Alfred Henry Pinder is my second great uncle. He was born in 1846 to parents, Thomas Pinder and Mary Shackleton.

Alfred was born in 1849 and in 1876, he married Betsy Elenor Jarvis. Together, they issued three children, one of them being Frank Jarvis Pinder.

Alfred died in 1887 and below is his obituary..


Masbrough Independent Chapel

A sad duty remains to be done – to pay a tribute of respect to the memory of Bro. Alfred Henry Pinder, the news of whose sudden death startled all those who heard it yesterday. During a considerable portion of last year, he did not enjoy the best of health, but latterly he seemed to have regained strength. He was one of three sons of the late Mr Thomas Pinder, and they, like their father, have all been members of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows. Bro. A. H. Pinder was connected with the Phoenix Lodge, and on the formation of the George’s Lodge, at Masbro’, a few years ago, he was appointed secretary, a position which he has held since. When Bro. G. J. Jackson removed to New Zealand, in the autumn of 1885, Bro. A. H. Pinder was appointed corresponding secretary of the district, but at the close of last year he found it necessary to resign the office in consequence of ill-health. He was a Past Provincial Grand Master of the Rotherham District. Almost his last public act in connection with the Oddfellowship was to discharge the duty of one of the marshals of the Manchester Unity portion of the Jubilee procession; and on Monday evening he was in his usual position as secretary of the George’s Lodge, when he was apparently in his ordinary health and strength. He was a member of the choir of the Masbro’ Independent Chapel, and was always willing to lend a hand in musical circles.

Saint Thomas's Church, Kimberworth - 15.11.13 (4)

Saint Thomas’s Church

For many years he had been time-keeper at the Masbro’ Stove Grate works of Messrs. Corbitt and Co., Limited, and he leaves a widow and three young children to mourn his loss. He was 38 years of age. On Wednesday night he had what was apparently a return of the affection of the bowels from which he had suffered previously, and Dr. Walker was hastily summoned. He was unremitting in his attentions, but his death ensued yesterday morning from biliary colic. Bro. Pinder will be missed throughout a wide circle, and much sympathy will be felt for his wife and children. During last year the writer enjoyed Bro. Pinder’s counsel and support in the performance of many arduous duties, and it is with him a melancholy duty to pen this tribute to one who was in every respect a thoroughly good-hearted and genial Oddfellow. The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at Kimberworth Church.

PINDER. – July 8th, at Masbro’ street, Masbro’. Mr Alfred Henry Pinder, aged 38.

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