Edwin Barron

Don Street, Rotherham - 24.11.08 (1)

Don Street

Edwin Barron married my second cousin, twice removed, Jennie Jarvis, in 1926. Edwin and Jennie issued two children together, called, Edwin and Peter.



MR. EDWIN BARRON, chairman of a local scrap metal firm, of 72, Wickersley Road, Rotherham, died at his home on Monday, aged 83.

Masbrough Independant Chapel, Rotherham - 10.08.08 (11)

Masbrough Independent Chapel

Mr. Barron inherited the scrap metal business from his father. In 1948 it was formed into a limited company, known as E. Barron and Sons Ltd., together with his two sons, Mr. Edwin Barron and Mr. Peter Barron. The firm’s headquarters are at Don Street, Rotherham.

He was a member of the Sitwell Park and Thrybergh golf clubs, and of the Rotherham Golfers’ club. He was also a member of the Rotherham Unionist Club.

Cremation took place yesterday at Sheffield, following a service at the Masbro’ Independent Chapel, conducted by the Rev. W. Unsworth.

The family mourners were Mr. and Mrs. E. Barron (sons and daughters-in-law), Miss M. Barron, Miss A. Wilson, Mr. M. Barron (grand-children), Mr. G. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarvis (brothers-in-law and sister-in-law).

City Road Cemetery, Sheffield (Crematorium) - 14.11.08 (4)

Sheffield Crematorium

Among the mourners were: Mr. W. Hague (representing C. R. Hague and Co. Ltd., Sheffield), Mr. A. Leigh, J.P., and Mr. F. Allott (representing Allott Brothers and Leigh Ltd., also Mr. E. A. Smith), Mr. L. G Ellis (representing the firm of L. G. Ellis), Mr. and Mrs. G. Millson (representing Millson Brothers), Mr. G. H. Boulton (representing the Rotherham Town Cricket Club), Mr. T. Chambers, Mr. F. P. Enright, Ald. L. J. Tarbit J.P., and Mr. F. D. Sidwick (representing the Rotherham Golfers’ Club), Mr. W. Charles (representing the Rotherham Steel Strip Company Ltd.), Mr. G. T. Spearing (representing the Sitwell Park Golf Club), Mr. J. H. Dickinson, J.P. (representing “The South Yorkshire and Rotherham Advertiser”), Mr. B. Cutts (representing Deans Electrical and Engineering Company Ltd., also Mr. J. Booth (representing Col. W. J. Nutter, Wentworth Estates Company).

Mr. H. H. Styring (also representing Mr. C. Hoskins), Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Hobson (also representing Mr. and Mrs. W. Sides), Mr. and Mrs. R. Bird, Mrs. R. Roberts, Mrs. G. Kniveton, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wormald, Mrs. C. A. Birkett, Mrs. P. Ellse, Mr. A. Noble, Mr. C. D. Burgess, Mrs. G. Brooks, Mr. T. Maw, Mr. A. Coates, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Downing.

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  1. Brenda Wormald Says:

    I am trying to trace Kim Fiona Saville (nee) Barron, granddaughter of Edwin to advise of the death of her cousin Michael. I would be grateful if you would get in touch if you have her contact details.

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