Frank Decent Slingsby

Frank D. Slingsby

Frank Slingsby is my first cousin, twice removed. He died in October 1979 and below is his obituary.


From a four shilling a week apprentice fitter to chairman of the family company that was the work record of Hull businessman Mr Frank D. Slingsby, who died yesterday at the age of 80.

He was chairman of G. and A. E. Slingsby Ltd. engineers, tube and valve specialists, of Cleveland Street, and had a work record stretching 59 years with the family firm.

Mr Slingsby took control of the firm in 1934 on the death of his father, and became chairman and joint managing director with his cousin when the business was incorporated in 1952.

During the post war years, he also built up a dairy herd of Jersey cattle, and was later joined by his two sons in the family enterprise of F. D. Slingsby and Sons based at Rowlston and Gransmoor.

Mr Slingsby, who lived at Willow Garth Rolston, never considered retiring, and attended his office until April this year.

He is survived by his two sons, Mr David Slingsby, present managing director of the engineering company, and Mr Jeffrey Slingsby, who runs the farming side of the enterprise.

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