Bertha Kennington

Bertha Kennington

Bertha Kennington, born in Hull, is the wife of my great grand uncle, Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Bertha’s death.


The funeral took place in the Maltby Parish Churchyard on Tuesday of Mrs. Bertha Mollekin, of Blyth Road, Maltby, who died last Friday. The deceased lady, who was 78 years of age, collapsed at her home. A native of Hull, Mrs. Mollekin had resided in Maltby for 34 years. Her late husband was in business there as a master builder up to his death nine years ago. He will also be remembered as a northern racehorse owner. Mrs. Mollekin did not take an active part in local affairs, but she always supported any deserving cause. She had 16 children, and leaves eight sons and four daughters, with 27 grandchildren and one great grand-child. Prior to the interment a service was conducted in the Parish Church, Maltby, by the Rev. W. A. Burtees, who also officiated at the graveside. The mourners included Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mollekin and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mollekin (sons and daughter-in-law), Mr. Fred Mollekin and Mr. Claud Mollekin (sons), Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McGlade, Mr. and Mrs. H. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler and Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks (sons-in-law and daughters), Mrs. Pearson (sister), Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollekin (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr. Frank Hunter (who had worked with Messrs. Mollekins for about 50 years), Mrs. E. Davy, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. E. Dunn. Messrs. Barker C. White, Stables, E. Davy and T. Ridgeway represented the workmen of Mollekin Bros., and Messrs. Firth and W. Godber the firm. Messrs. Morgan R. Jones (Surveyor) and Mr. R. Oddy (Sanitary Inspector) represented the Maltby Urban District Council. Others present were Mr. Charles Stevens, Mr.

Bertha’s Grave

George Brown, Mr. Sadler of Sandbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. T. Holdsworth, Mr. A. J. Booth, Miss Franks and Mrs. Davies. Floral tributes were sent by ‘Dolly, Harry and children,’ ‘Fred and Claude,’ ‘Harry, Ada, Polly and Derrick,’ ‘Mabel and Ern,’ ‘Jack and May,’ ‘Stan and Winnie,’ ‘Jack and Gilbert,’ ‘Sybil, Jack and Betty,’ ‘Ernest, Dorothy and grandchildren,’ ‘Bertie, Daisy and Herbert,’ ‘Sid, Lil and children,’ ‘Alice Pearson,’ Mr. and Mrs. E. Dunn, ‘Hatty,’ ‘Lauri Steeples,’ George Smith, chairman and members of the Maltby Urban District Council, Mrs. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Whitley and family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter, Maltby workmen of Mollekin Bros., Cannock workmen of Mollekin Bros., E. Butler and Sons, ‘Aunt Annie and Uncle Jack,’ Mr. and Mrs. T. White, ‘Thomas and Charles,’ Mr. and Mrs. E. Davy, ‘W. Godber,’ Mr. and Mrs. F. Pearson and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Downing and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Downing, of Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stevens, Halliday and family, Mrs. Bootman, Mr. and Mrs. T. Houldsworth etc. The relatives of the late Mrs. B. Mollekin wish to thank the doctor for his kindness to Mrs. Mollekin during her illness, also those who sent kind messages of sympathy and floral tributes during their great bereavement.

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