The Loukes Family

The Loukes Family

The first mention of the Loukes family is in the proceedings of the Wakefield Court on 19th May 1314 when Mathew son of Thomas was forced to pay 6d for a false claim against Adam son of Jordan and John de Loukes.

My 12th great grandfather was called Robert Loukes who was born and died in Normanton, South Yorkshire/Yorkshire West Riding. His 5th great grandson was called, Edward Loukes. He was born circa 1837 and died in 1811 in Sheffield. He probably moved to Sheffield in the 1750’s or 1760’s in order to become apprenticed to a Butcher. Many people with the surname, Loukes, can trace their ancestors back to Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

The name, Loukes, does and has varied with regards to how it is spelt. Known deviance’s are, Lowkes, Louks, Lankes and Lonkes just to name a few. Lowkes however would seem to be the only legitimate variance – the others simply being spelling errors.

I first came across the name, Loukes, in my Family Tree when I ordered and read the birth certificate for my great grandmother (Frances Emily Brough). It named her mother as Clara Loukes (1854 – 1910).

Loukes in my Family Tree can be found in the geographical locations of Australia, Barnsley, Blackpool, Cawthorne, Finland and Sheffield.

I would like to hear from anybody with connections to the Loukes family. I think the first move should be to try and ascertain which of us share common ancestors. So, could I please request that everybody lists their earliest known ancestor with the name, Loukes, and the geographical location or locations that they were associated with along with any other information which is felt to be relevant.

This post was originally published on Mollekin Portalite on 09/10/2011.

One Response to “The Loukes Family”

  1. Beverley Says:

    Hello. I am descended from John Wilson b. 1796 who married Mary Loukes b. 1804. My name is Beverley nee Wilson

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