Maurice Gill – War Casualty

Napier Street

Maurice Gill is my third cousin, twice removed. He was born circa 1895 in Sheffield and according to the 1911 Census was a Farm Servant and lived at 144 Napier Street, Sheffield. Special thanks are owed to Trevor Higgins for writing the following text:-

Maurice was a member of the 1/4 York and Lancaster Regiment (Hallamshires) a Sheffield Battalion.

After protracted research, which has been difficult to trace where the regiment was at the time of Maurice’s death, it is concluded they were north of Ypres making offensive advancement to clear the area of pockets of German soldiers. No major offensive was taking place at this time, and it would appear the Hallamshires were engaged in skirmishes and small engagements with the enemy. Advancing east, just north of the city, fights took place and it appears Maurice was killed near Elverdinghe. His body appears to have been interred in a burial plot at Brielen.

Duhallow Advanced Dressing Station Cemetery, which is situated on the D369 out of Ypres to the north, was begun in July 1917, and after the Armistice, bodies were recovered from small cemeteries and burial plots around Ypres. The cemetery now has 1544 casualties buried there of which 231 are unidentified.

This is a revised version of a post which was originally published on my WordPress Blog on 17/01/2010 and republished on Mollekin Portalite on 10/05/2011.

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