Alfred Octavius Hinson – War Casualty

Alfred’s Headstone

Alfred Octavius Hinson is my third cousin, thrice removed. He was born circa 1887 in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Special thanks are owed to Trevor Higgins for writing the following text:-

Alfred Hinson was a member of the 7th Lincolnshire Regiment, drafted to take part in General Plumer’s ‘bite and hold’ offensives in the Third battle of Ypres in 1917. The regiment was attached to the attacking force at the first battle of Passchendaele, which took part in the area towards the ridge (Westrozebeke) on which the village stood. It was conducted in conditions of mud, after several days of rain, and was to prove costly to both German and British armies. The Germans had just at this time reinforced their lines, with soldiers from the Eastern Front, and were well prepared for the anticipated attack. On the 12th October the battle began, with the Lincolnshires supporting ANZAC troops, and the first wave was met with mustard gas (burning of th skin) and fierce artillery.

Alfred was removed from the battlefield and his final resting place is Cement House Cemetery, situated between Langemark and Poelcappelle. The cemetery was begun in August 1917 (231) burials)) and added to from 14 other battlefield burial plots during the autumn of 1917. There are 3592 burials there, 2425 of which are unidentified.

When Passchendeale was eventually taken, 310,000 British and 260,000 German troops were dead or missing.

This is a revised version of a post which was originally published on my WordPress Blog on 28/12/2009 and republished on Mollekin Portalite on 31/05/2011.

One Response to “Alfred Octavius Hinson – War Casualty”

  1. lornabeech Says:

    I’ve just found this text and want to say a huge thank you for writing it. I am Alfred’s great granddaughter (maiden name Hinson). His grandson sadly died this year quite suddenly. It has been both fascinating and poignant to read of Alfred’s fate.

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